Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and Clark Book Summary

On May 14, 1804, a party of explorers dispatched by President Thomas Jefferson set off up the Missouri River into America's newly acquired Louisiana Territory. Under the leadership of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the men of the Corps of Discovery would cross the continent and into history. Here, from award-winning historian Ralph K. Andrist, is the dramatic story of their epic journey.

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Lewis and Clark - Ralph K. Andrist Reviews

  • Lewis and Clark

    By Purebull
    A quick enjoyable read. The history and hardships of the explorers of the Louisiana Purchase from St. Louis to the shores of the Pacific and back is a fascinating story. I was intrigued by how much they had to live off the land. Their dependence and cooperation with the various Indian tribes they encountered proved crucial to the success of the mission.Lewis and Clark were leaders of men. Their lives meant something.

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