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Hunting Book Summary

 All You need to know about hunting is here! Become a master right now!

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Hunting - Kristen J. Deleon Reviews

  • A terrible book that is terribly written.

    By An actual Hunter
    This book offers no truly valuable advice. It's clearly written by someone who has never hunted, in a style that reminds me of a 5th grade report on a random topic. I should have known that it was no a book worth reading based on the fact the front cover has a reticle over a deer, and the crosshairs aren't even in the correct spot you would want to shoot a deer. The information in the book is false. Particularly the bear hunting section. Really a disgrace to hunting literature. Zero stars.
  • Useless

    By DeerDuckDove
    The book is poorly written, like something my 9 year old cousin would write. It jumps all over the place with each chapter as well. Not to mention there's false information throughout the book; laughable to seasoned hunters, but could very well get a new hunter into trouble.
  • Hunting

    By Autumn Munn
    This book is vary interesting because a lot of people are interested in hunting

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