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SLUGG Book Summary

Slugg: A Boy’s Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration is a blueprint for survival and a demonstration of the power of love, sacrifice, and service. The son of a Kingpin and the prince of a close-knit crime family, Tony Lewis Jr.’s life took a dramatic turn after his father’s arrest in 1989. Washington D.C. stood as the murder capital of the country and Lewis was cast into the heart of the struggle, from a life of stability and riches to one of chaos and poverty. How does one make it in America, battling the breakdown of families, the plague of premature death and the hopelessness of being reviled, isolated, and forgotten? Tony Lewis’ astonishing journey answers these questions and offers, for the first time, a close look at the familial residue of America’s historic program of mass incarceration.
“Tony Lewis Jr. has a perspective like no other on the crack trade that decimated the nation’s capital in the 80’s and 90’s. With this gripping memoir, Lewis relates an intimate history and portrays a side of Washington D.C. rarely seen” - Joe Heim, The Washington Post 

“A modern day hero, Tony Lewis Jr has all the tools to lead us to a better tomorrow. This book promotes qualities that are lost in too many of our men. Slugg is essentially the story of a whole generation” -Wale,Grammy Nominated Artist

“Tony’s story is one of incredible triumph against all odds after having his world crash down around him. He was thrust into poverty during one of the most desperate and horrific eras in the District of Columbia’s history, but he rejected his father’s life of crime and instead embraced community activism to improve his hometown and the lives of those around him.”—Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)

Author Bio:

Tony Lewis Jr is a community activist in Washington D.C. has been profiled on CNN, BET, and in The Washington Post. He’s the winner of the Presidential Call to Service Award and the recipient of the Steve Harvey/Ford Motor Company Best Community Leader Award.

K.L. Reeves is the author of s.m.i.l.e. and a graduate of Harvard University. 

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SLUGG Book Comments

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SLUGG - Tony Lewis Reviews


    By diggydmvfreshh
    Excellent book moe.. you really painted picture of the city and what it's like living in D.C... your story is very humbling and what you represent now during this time of war & hate is much needed man I salute u
  • Book full of inspiration

    By rquintero7
    This book makes me wish that I was able to read it earlier in my life. Very well written and the powerful message that it gives, is something that anyone young or old who has been through, or is going through the judicial system in this country can definitely relate to.
  • Great depiction of life growing up in DC during the Murder Capital Error

    By MoniLoves
    Being a D.C. Native, growing up in DC during this time I can relate to every aspect of this book. I have a new found appreciation for my upbringing. I couldn't put the book down until I read every page, Thank you for sharing your life story. #DCorNothing Monica A
  • Inspiration

    By PJ1718
    Simply amazing
  • Great read!

    By Traydogg3
    Slugg provides unfiltered truth about the obstacles of urban youth, incarceration, laws and the unjust sentencing guidelines that has destroyed the African American family in urban society. It provides a complete perspective to those who only know about urban society thru the news media. Slugg is real, raw, and unapologetic. A GREAT read.
  • Certified page turner

    By WesWho
    Excellent story from a great dude. Very transparent throughout, and a true representation of what a lot of native Washingtonians experience or have experienced. It has been great to have dialogue with him about this book, and other topics. Salute, Tony!
  • D.C. Or Nothing

    By Pac's Wife
    Love this book. I first decided to read for a nostalgic feel; just reminiscing the old D.C. that raised me. I indeed got that feeling. Unexpectedly, I also came out feeling inspired, wondering what I could do to help undereducated, underserved citizens of D.C. I recommend this book to all.
  • Slugg

    By Kenny in Jax
    Very Interesting Book, the books walks you through Tony Lewis Jr journey in his life the from infant to grown adult. And let's you see how the streets has the capabilities to present lasting effects on the individual locked up and their families
  • Wow.

    By Dxbell
    Wow! What an inspiring story! Great read.
  • Great read

    By BlamblamBoooooo
    One of the best books I read this year (2015).

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