Diary of a Fat Girl - Moira Mugweni - Moira Mugweni

Diary of a Fat Girl

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10173774971017377289
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
Diary of a Fat Girl - Moira Mugweni Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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Diary of a Fat Girl Book Summary

This is the diary of Burn Rivers.

Bernadette Rivers has had enough. Always the fat friend and fat twin, she's ready to be more.
This summer she's going to lose the weight that's been holding her back.
As determined as she is, Burn knows she can't do it alone.
Enter Warren Grey; ex-high school hottie and stereotypical jock. He is everything that tormented her about high school but she knows he's exactly what she needs.
With a distant mother, a sister with poor taste, a polar opposite best friend and enough insecurities to fill the Grand Canyon, can she learn to love the skin she's in?

And then, of course, there's Fred.

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Diary of a Fat Girl Book Comments

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Diary of a Fat Girl - Moira Mugweni Book Reviews

  • Great! (JahleeBee)

    I read this book in ~2 days and I have NEVER been so interested in finishing a novel so fast. The ending made me excited to read the second book! Can’t wait until December when it’s out.
  • Pretty good the last couple of chapters where unnecessary (cas. for castro)

  • Quick and Easy Read (LJ4445)

    A quick and mindless read that kept me entertained. It was difficult though to look past a multitude of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Diary of a Fat Girl (startre4321)

    Distant emotions arise, beautiful butterflies, fly!
  • Why 2 years (Jess11935282)

    I absolutely loved everything about this book but I really don’t understand why she keeps pushing back the date like your either gonna publish the book or ya not and I know a lot of us are waiting
  • This book is amazing! (Abygail Molina)

    It’s every romantic and has drama. It’s every incredible how she reached her goal and has a lover too.
  • E. (gikd2123)

    I related to this book so much, I am very happy I read it. 🤗
  • Loved it (GWG_88)

    I loved this book so much. I was so absorbed into the plot that I was laughing and crying along with the main character.
  • Great (dikatherine)

    I love this book. Literally had me in my feelings and totally relatable. I love it and recommend it.
  • 💕 (Karrache)

    Simply Beautiful! Read it within 24hours

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