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Claimed by a Highlander

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 2141455751021486194
  • Book Genre: Historical
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Claimed by a Highlander Book Summary

The Douglas sisters, beauties all, are valuable pawns in their family's bitter struggle to control the Scottish Crown. But when their enemies strike, each Douglas lass will find she's been left to face them alone.


Lady Sybil Douglas's fall from court favorite to royal enemy is swift after her brothers are charged with treason and flee Scotland. When a strange Highland warrior appears claiming they are bound by a marriage contract, she's desperate enough to ride off with him. She'll worry later about how to escape the wedding.

The last thing Rory MacKenzie needs is a pampered Lowlander wife. He traveled to Edinburgh in the hope of dissolving the ill-begotten marriage contract. But now that the Douglas men have abandoned his would-be bride to danger, he's honor-bound to protect her.  

Sybil and Rory fight scorching passion and other dangers on their journey to the MacKenzie castle, where murder and intrigue await them. When everything is at risk, will they trust each other and their unexpected love?

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Claimed by a Highlander Book Comments

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Claimed by a Highlander - Margaret Mallory Book Reviews

  • Claimed by a Highlander (Wcarver58)

    This is a great story! Part fictional and part real, it does not disappoint! Love the author, and her stories!
  • Very good read! (Ambrosia 5!)

    I’ve enjoyed this author’s other books, and this one was no exception. Another book I’ve last sleep over. Wish there was a sequel to this one.
  • "Claimed by a Highlander is non stop excitement!" (Lillypadgreen12)

    I was fortunate enough to receive the audio copy of this amazing book in exchange for my honest review. I can honestly tell you that I loved every minute of it! There is non-stop excitement filled with a romance fraught with many of the same foibles we experience in our own relationships.... anger, jealousy, distrust, fear, as well as unconditional love and trust. If you enjoy reading historical romance novels, you may recognise several of the characters mentioned as having been actual historical people of the period, as well as many of the beautiful historic landmarks and sites steeped in Scottish history and still visited today. Derek Perkins does an amazing job of bringing the various characters to life through his exceptional vocal talent. He presents the story in such a smooth and seemingly effortless way, that you easily find you've become caught up in the story as if you were there. There honestly was never a dull moment in the entire story! I can't wait to hear Margaret's story next. This is a book I can easily recommend to anyone who loves this reading or listening to this genre of books. Don't miss out on this one! This entire series promises to be one of those you can't put down, and read or listen to again and again! 😀

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