Juice + Nourish

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Juice + Nourish Book Summary

Simple, inspired recipes to cleanse, heal, and revitalize—plus realistic detox plans and expert guidance on eating for good health

“Busy” is a way of life for Rosemary Ferguson: She’s traveled the world as one of Britain’s top models, and today is a professional nutritionist and mother of three. For her, juices and smoothies are anything but a fad—they’re a way to pack vital nutrients into your day.

By upping your intake of simple, natural ingredients like blueberries, ginger, and kale, you can overhaul your health from the inside out! As Rosemary discovered, “skin complaints, headaches, fatigue, and stress can be dramatically improved.” Handily arranged by need, the recipes in Juice + Nourish will help anyone:Detox & Heal (rehydration, liver cleansers, gut health)Rest & De-stress (mood boosters, sleep aids, stress relievers)Care & Preserve (anti-aging, healthy skin and hair, weight loss)Protect & Strengthen (immunity boosters, cold and cough soothers, anti-inflammatories), and more!

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