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Mad Love

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6606130171035047566
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
Mad Love - Colet Abedi Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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Mad Love Book Summary

On a tropical island vacation, virgin Sophie Walker turns up the heat with British ​Tycoon Clayton Sinclair. But is his possessive side too much for her to handle? Twenty-three years is long enough to spend under my parent’s thumbs, bored out of my mind by ​law school​ and my boyfriend, ​I decide to take a much needed break. So with my two besties in tow—Maldives Islands, here we come! I was ready for adventure. I was ready for anything. I wasn’t ready for him. My old life might have been boring, but Clayton’s doesn’t even seem real. And when I discover what he’s hiding, I wish none of it was.

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Mad Love Book Comments

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Mad Love - Colet Abedi Book Reviews

  • Annoying (Great super duper book!!!)

    The guy was a major control freak! I got so tired of his act really fast. The girl was a typical quiet mouse with nothing to say. The book was drawn out and pointless.
  • Ok... What Just Happened?! (Bocarb)

    Where in the world did this book come from? I purchased it who knows when and read it straight through when I found it in my “Want To Read” list last night. The bigger question I have for myself, “Why did it take me so long to actually read it?!” This book was crazily amazing and beyond perfect. Clayton can rival... dare I say... Christian and Gideon? 🤭
  • Wonderful book (Peytipoo22)

    I have read all the books of the series and am DYING for the next one to come out! I need it!!! I love this series! It was the best series I have read in a long time💜💜💜 please have a number 3 coming soon!!!
  • Mad Love By Colet Abedi (jersea16)

    So good. So good I couldn’t put it down. Sophie is a beautiful, funny, hot mess (like we all are!) and so human it hurts. Colet writes beautifully and I went through every up and down with her characters. I read Mad Love 2 in less than 48 hours and am anxiously searching for Mad Love 3 😫😰
  • Boring. (Ekams)

    Main character is a dud, male lead is chauvinistic. I'd have told him to shove off, good looks only get you so far. There's not much plot-wise either.
  • Mad love (Blue cup84)

    Loved, loved, loved!
  • Mad love (Mag68)

    Great story! A definite must read!
  • A must read (RockyRocko)

    Once you start reading there is no turning back😉
  • Mad love (Voraciousreader77)

    Love it!!!
  • Mad Love (ZeniaMae)

    Loved loved loved this book, read it in a day. Now have to wait a week to buy the next book when I get paid.

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