iMac Essentials

iMac Essentials by Apple Inc. Book Summary

iMac Essentials provides everything you need to set up and start using your new iMac. Learn how to turn on and use your mouse and keyboard, as well as how to connect to Wi-Fi, use the apps that came with your iMac, and much more.

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iMac Essentials (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- shiryu5 star

iam the dragon

- IMac Essentials2 star

I cannot download . Help

- How do you download it?1 star

I wish I could figure out how to download it. Usually you just click on some link that will guide you, but this book requires some mystery process that I haven’t been able to figure out.

- iMac Essentials1 star

Unable to download to any of my devices.

- iMac Essentials5 star

Been using Macs since 1984. But since I upgraded from a Power Mac G4, I felt I needed to find what new stuff the Mac had in store for me. Best user's manual I have ever read and I read them all.

- Won’t download1 star

Just got my new iMac and can’t download this - help!

- New iMac and iMac Essential instructions5 star

Extremely helpful, and easy to follow. I do not like paper manuals and this book always on iBook, is a great resource. Thanks to the person who came up with this idea!

- Excellent Book5 star

Excellent read for the newly converted. Simple, easy and very informative. I knew only windows computers. This book helped me quite a bit. I refer back to it often. I give it five stars. I also downloaded another helpful book called “iMac For Dummies”. Am very happy that I finally took the plunge and made the switch to Apple. Not to take away anything from Windows. They are still great. But Apple is so different and so awesome. I love everything about it.

- iMac Essentials3 star

I am expecting to receive my iMac from Apple this week, and I began reading the iMac Essentials on my MacBook Air (laptop). The page numbers on iMac Essentials are there, but so faint that it is almost impossible to read. I don’t understand why the page numbers are so faint, and I can not find a constructive help from the Help. Can you help?

- Very Bad Interface and Download2 star

I am extremely dissatisfied with the inability to download a jpg copy of this for taking on the go for viewing on non-Apple products. Currently I am limited as to being able to only view it on my iMac. I do not use iPhones, nor do I use iPads. The fact that Apple has chosen to make it mandatory that it be only viewable on an Apple iOS device is absolutely ridiculous, especially for someone who has trouble viewing documents on small screens. Shame on you Apple.

- Where1 star

where tf is the review i just wrote? i poured my whole soul into writing it and now nothing.

- iMac Essentially GREAT!5 star

I received my iMac the day before yesterday. I first turned it on yesterday and set it up. I’d have had less of a problem migrating files from a Windows PC (never going back) if I had read this guide prior to the set up. I wish this was in printed form and came in the box with the iMac. I have learned so much just by reading this guide that I never suspected an iMac can do or how easy it is to do it. Great guide, especially for a new to iMac user. I will be using it as a reference guide whenever if I have to but I don’t believe that will be for too long. Essentially GREAT!

- Very Helpful5 star

Really good overview. Well written, clean instructions.

- Just Enough5 star

This is my first iMac after after many years of android products I finnally made that jump and I am so glad I did. This iBook is an easy read a great short book that covered the basic and was an eye opener for me, especially the section on keyboard functions along with many other sections that expain shortcut to using the MAC without boring you to death. Hey, It may not have everthing in it about the MAC but it had enough for me. You know what they say “ You don’t know what you don’t know” but it a wonderful thing to have the tools to begin learning. Thanks

- Weel worth reviewing4 star

As a long experienced Mac user, I found this document well worth reviewing. I discovered a few new tricks and features I was not aware of htat have been added recently. I recommend you check out this doc, even if you think you know everything. It’s worth a quick scan. Itancan Wasaka

- iMac book5 star

The book was extremely informative and easy to understand. Being a new Mack owner it has given me the confidence to start using my iMac like a pro. Very appreciative for the book.

- Sales literature posing as a user’s manual1 star

iMac Essentials is the worst user manual I have ever seen. I am trying to use the camera to make a simple video to send to someone. The manual does say I can make a video using iMovie. I did make a test video, now what? I cannot see where the video is in the iMac’s file structure, so I can’t send it to anyone.

- Audio?2 star

Prefer audio...'

- Grandma5 star

Loved this helpful book, it was easy to understand, took me through setting up my new iMac at a nice pace. I learned alot about the iMac and connecting to the iPhone and the new features. My old iMac was almost ten years old, and I needed a refresher course. This book showed me features I would not of even known about. Thank You!! Nice pictures too.

- Won’t download?1 star

What’s up with this manual from the app store, it’s been stuck in ‘downloading’ mode for days so its obviously NOT downloading.. Does anyone lnow the fix for this as the same thing happens when I try to downlad the new version of Pages? I have to rate before I can submit and gave one star but I canot really rate as cannot download? Need help

- manager5 star

nice detail information

- Nice Overview4 star

Provides a nice overview. Good step by step insructions and explainations for those who are new to iMac/Apple devices. I would recommend to others.

- new i mac owner first apple pc 20165 star

This was very helpful, on page 59 the command keys for copy, paste, and print saved me from my stupidity as a new user. everything is so functional there are no print options on header like my phone was easier to pick up but the Mac is fantastic if you are a power user for command c,v,p.

- Does Not Download1 star

Nor are there any instructions on how to do so.

- iMac essentials5 star

The book was very informative and interesting. I learned a lot about the IMAC and about Apple.

- A must read for new IMac users5 star

I downloaded this book before I received my IMac. I'm one of those people who want to get started before I read the manual. This is a short read and packed with great information and advice.

- very helpful5 star

it would be more helpful if it would redirect you as you need.

- iMac Essentials2 star

I try to download on my new I Mac and it stalls at 2 out of 98

- Great stuff5 star

I typically never read the owners manuals, but since I am a convert from the PC I needed to learn a bit more than I already knew. This manual is full of the right stuff and is well-written so anyone can understand. Simple. Precise. Perfect!

- Just shows the basics3 star

I really need more information.


Unable to download on my new iMAC

- iMac Essentials5 star

I found this user guide very easy to understand. Well written and thorough. It answered many of my basic questions. I highly recommend it to be used whenever possible rather than guessing what makes sense to click on. Actually, all Apple products that I have had are easy to use. That’s why so many people buy them. KUDOS to Apple. The iMac was a Christmas gift from my daughter and I’m finally getting around to learning how to use it. It functions much like my iPhone 6 which is just as great as my iPhone 5 was. Love Apple. Shirley

- Helpful Reference5 star

This book provide the information I needed to understand the function and features of my iMac. I’m a new Mac user and I found the material easy to read, informative and useful.

- iMac user Manual4 star

I don't often read computer manuals but I read this one. I started just to look for an answer to a question but this was written in terms I understand and I found it interesting to see what all this computer could do. Very informative and helpful.

- good5 star


- Way to Simple2 star

Still can’t find spotlight. I have used PC’s for years and this is my first time with a Mac other than doing some siple browsing years ago at an airport. Looking for somethig that will help a first time Mac user learn the ins and outs of the new OS and how to use my new computer. This was not very helpful at all

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- Great Introduction5 star

The book downloaded in seconds and is a geat introduction to iMac. It has multiple links within the pages which provide access to more extensive information on various functions of iMac.

- Great for new iMac users5 star

Great for new iMac users

- Locks up on page 2 while downloading1 star


- iMac essentials1 star

the downloaded copy will not open it says the book is corrupt and will not update or reload

- Imac5 star

Excellent intro to the imac

- Great book!5 star


- iMAC Essentials1 star

I can’t download this book either past 2!

- They obviously don’t read the reviews1 star

Some 18 months on from complaints being posted that it can’t be downloaded, this book is still inaccessible. Well done, Rapid Response Team!!!

- Unable to download1 star

Just keeps asking for billing info even when the product is free

- Could not download1 star

The problem appears to be still an issue. Brand new MAC and I cannot download this…any answers about why that should be received from Apple?

- david low2 star

Cannot download this Ibook onto new IMAC bought 7 days ago This is clearly the same problem as above reviewers

- iMAC Essentials1 star

Maybe getting the download working would help get a better rating Apple?

- iMac Essentials Cannot download1 star

when I say I hate it it would actually be nice to see it but I cannot download it. I thought it was just me but it seems like everyone has the same problems. I have a brand new iMac which is my first Apple computer and as I've only been used to windows OS and systems i just want to check out how to perform some of the more simple tasks. The book seemed perfect but I’ve now tried 8 times and all it wants is for me to keep putting in my Apple ID passowrd and details of the payment method and then goes into a continual proceessing loop….. not great first impression - thought Apple was suppopsed to be simple and idiot proof… clearly not!

- Confusing for the PC user2 star

I need to move from a PC to an iMac. The basics of opening and closing apps, organising files, using the mouse have always defeated me whenever I have tried to use a Mac. I hoped that reading this might be helpful, but it doesn't cover these essentials. It has clearly been written by an Apple person for other Apple people.

- cannot download1 star

totally useless if you can’t download it

- Unable to Download1 star

Unable to rate this manual as I could not download it to my August purchase of a new iMac

- cannot download1 star

Pointless as you can’t download it

- No Yes button1 star

As there’s no Yes or Download button - this was pretty pointless - would have liked some help as new Mac isn’t intuitive

- Could not download1 star

I cant rate it as it wouldnt download, so its got a star for nothing.

- I cannot download1 star

I just keep getting asked for password and billing info - then nothing happens

- Could not download1 star

I’m sure this would be useful but could not download to iBooks on my new iMac. iBooks fully set up in iCloud with my library on new iMac so everything working as it should. Just kept asking for passwords and billing info.

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