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Laws of Attraction

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4961469221050381907
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Laws of Attraction Book Summary

He needs a pretend girlfriend and she needs a lawyer and love is not on the docket.

Lawyer Andrew Coles needs a date for the next Southerland wedding, one who will keep the pitying looks at bay and make his favorite bridesmaid regret walking away from him. But most importantly one who doesn't come with strings attached. He doesn't need or want the complication of a romantic relationship.

When exotic dancer Candy Graham rear ends a pickup truck on the way to a new job and much needed cash, she knows she's in trouble. Her totaled car puts a damper on her plans and plants her firmly on the wrong side of the law. She needs a lawyer fast and preferably one who can be flexible with payment.

A straightforward business arrangement solves both of their problems. He gets a wedding date with no hidden agenda, and she gets her legal problems to disappear. Perfect. Until a relationship of convenience turns into something neither can live without.

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Laws of Attraction Book Comments

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Laws of Attraction - Evelyn Adams Book Reviews

  • Laws of attraction (jk(9)

    I enjoyed the book.
  • Laws of attraction (Mag68)

    By Evelyn Adams What a funny and great read! Highly recommend reading this book! Bookbub
  • Hooker (Great super duper book!!!)

    This girl isn’t any better than a two bit hooker. The guy is just paying for an escort. This story doesn’t seem complex, relatively simple to solve.
  • Laws of Attraction (Tiggy/Cookie)

    Good writing, decent story. Held my interest and liked the characters. First time reading this author and would read her again.
  • As usual, an incredible story! (Djsteinmetz)

    Like the rest of The Southerlands series, this is a great read! Hot, funny, depth to the characters (especially Candy). Loved it!
  • Awesome as always! (CM Sandlady)

    I have read every book in this series and they never disappoint. Evelyn is a masterful storyteller, she draws you in and makes you care for her characters.
  • Must read series (WeMomma)

    Love this series. This was a great read!!!
  • Laws of attraction (Sheriff923)

    If you like books that actually have a plot and sex, this is defiantly one to read.
  • Loved It!! (AKyammy)

    Loved the story of Andrew and Candy. I couldn't put it down. I love the Southerland family and can't wait to read Adam's story.

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