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What Child Is This?

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10339205191051762396
  • Book Genre: Romantic Comedy

What Child Is This? Book Summary

December in North Pole Alaska is crazy with last minute Christmas preparations. The Elves are doing their best to respond to every letter to Santa. But some letters are easier to write than others… 

Six-year-old Samantha Grayson wants a daddy for Christmas and the holiday is only three weeks away. Since her attempt to match her mom up with her hockey coach hasn't worked very well, she decides to enlist the help of St. Nick. Sam’s letter makes it clear she’s willing to do her part to find a daddy, as long as St. Nick does his. 

Hope Grayson is content to raise her daughter Sam alone while providing nursing care for the citizens of North Pole Alaska, even in the height of flu season. But she’s horrified to discover the doctor she’ll be working with for the next few months is none other than Eli Thompson, her former lover and Sam’s biological father. 

Eli Thompson has never forgotten Hope or their Fairbanks Fling. Seeing her again reminds him of how good they were together and how much he’s missed her. When he discovers Sam is his daughter, Eli wants nothing more than to step into the role of being her dad. But Sam deserves a father who'll be around longer than the few weeks left of his assignment in North Pole.

Hope wants to protect her daughter and her heart, but could the irresistible Eli be the perfect Christmas present for them both?

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