Someone Else's Daughter - Linsey Lanier - Linsey Lanier

Someone Else's Daughter

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4315055471054268825
  • Book Genre: Suspense
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4.5 star
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Someone Else's Daughter Book Summary

Book I of the popular Miranda's Rights Mystery series by bestselling author Linsey Lanier. 

A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart. 

Miranda Steele. Smart-talking, hot pepper-eating loner whose abusive ex-husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption. She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughter. 

Wade Parker. Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency and most eligible forty-four-year-old bachelor in Atlanta. He still mourns the death of his socialite wife but must now solve a disturbing murder case. 

A serial killer strangling young girls in a bizarre ritual. Why? 

She doesn't need a man. 
He needs to find a killer. 
Together, can they save a thirteen year old girl? 


"Highly charged and emotional... Read it with tissue from the very beginning." Pamela Mason. 

"It was a great read, honestly couldn't put it down and can't wait to read the next one." Cathie - Sydney, Australia 

"Miranda Steele is one ballsy lady...what I'd call 'one HOT pepper!'" Diane Kratz - crime fiction writer 


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Someone Else's Daughter Book Comments

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  • Lfenlock
    5 stars
    Someone Else's Daughter. Really enjoyed this book. It's horrible that men can inflect such pain and abuse women over and over again. This guy was a total monster but luckily it made his wife stronger. Did she get what she really wanted in life, to be continued...
  • Old TX gal
    5 stars
    Gripping read. One of those rare books that you don’t want to put down. Intriguing characters and a fast pace keep you interested in the outcome of the story. Can’t wait to see what comes next.
  • see rand
    5 stars
    Someone Else's Daughter. Miranda has spent 13 years searching for her daughter after being involved in domestic violence. She transforms herself and moves around the country seeking information. The story keeps the reader engaged in her search and life changes. I enjoyed the tension and descriptive narrative. Not a fan of physical violence or sexual scenes but the narrative was engaging in spite of. I want to read the second in the series.
  • Brownbush1
    5 stars
    Someone else daughter. Excellent book from start to finish
  • Donbon004
    5 stars
    Brilliant. I very much enjoyed the characters, the intrigue, the suspense! Well done
  • jilllysaght
    1 stars
    what?. This book was crazily unsatisfying. Introduced more problems than it solved, and did not have a satisfying ending in the slightest. No thank you, hard pass, I’m bored.
  • abbie.exe
    4 stars
    Acquired Taste. This book was well paced for the most part, but it lacked a realistic depiction of trauma and its effect on relationships. It may suit some readers; I, on the other hand, would have enjoyed a more thorough read in the way of details and character psychology.
  • Bun Brrabbid Lop
    5 stars
    Someone Else's Daughter. Excellent mystery! Captured and held my interest from the first page through to the end. Free eBook. You won't be disappointed. I will gladly pay & read more from this author, Linsey Lanier. 🐰🐰🐰
  • Gramm j.
    5 stars
    Heartbreaking but so intense. Heartbreaking but so intense that I couldn’t stop reading it. Lots of twists and turns so you don’t know what going to happen.
  • Senior1935
    5 stars
    Someone Else's Daughter. A thrilling, exciting page turner with many twists and turns. Could not put it down. 5 stars from me !!!

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