North Pole Anthology Books 1-3 - Noelle Fox - Noelle Fox

North Pole Anthology Books 1-3

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10339205191059161552
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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North Pole Anthology Books 1-3 Book Summary

Lots of Kids write letters to Santa, but those delivered to the North Pole are answered by a group of dedicated volunteers who call themselves The Elves.

Blame It On Mistletoe – Abby Baxter has spent the year since her husband’s death trying to hold on. When she discovers her son is missing, her entire world trembles— until her husband’s best friend appears at her door. Secretly in love with Abby for years, Frank Machado is determined to see JD back in his mother’s arms. Sparks fly, hearts warm, love—and Christmas—are in the air. Should they Blame it on Mistletoe?

If Only In My Dreams – Jilted in North Pole, Alaska, café owner Amelia Beckett’s bad man-karma has struck again!  She wants out of this cutesy town—until a snarling, injured fox in her backyard sends her running to strong, silent neighbor and café regular, Wes Curtis. Wes moved to Alaska after his wife died, not expecting he’d need to brush up admittedly rusty dating skills.  But moonlit nights spent helping beautiful, skittish Amelia and the fox relax and heal make him determined to convince Amelia she belongs in Alaska—with him

What Child is This? - Hope Grayson’s six-year-old daughter clearly wants a daddy for Christmas. Eli Thompson has never forgotten Hope, realizing just how much he’s missed her. When he unexpectedly shows up to help in the clinic, Hope is stunned. She wants to protect her daughter and her heart, but is it possible Eli is the perfect Christmas present for them both? December in North Pole Alaska is crazy with last minute Christmas preparations. The Elves are doing their best to respond to every letter to Santa. But some letters are easier to write than others…

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North Pole Anthology Books 1-3 Book Comments

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North Pole Anthology Books 1-3 - Noelle Fox Book Reviews

  • North Pole Anthology books 1-3 (HappyinNH)

    Short, sweet & Lovely. Heartwarming stories to enjoy, especially at Christmas.
  • North Pole anthology books 1-3 (Clean romancer)

    These were nice feel good stories. Good read for relaxation.
  • Great book for the Christmas season (1Alannah)

    What a delightful series of books. North Pole Anthology books 1-3 all dealt with children wanting a parent for Christmas. Along the way to fulfilling these wishes we readers were introduced to the town North Pole, Alaska, where the resident were somewhat quirky but loving and welcoming. A very heart warming series.
  • Unrealistic (Alaska's Angels)

    Maybe author should visit North Pole Alaska before she starts writing. Flat, unrealistic and miss leading
  • Quick Reads (Omahanut)

    The stories are all quick, cute , feel good reads. Great if you’re short on time and looking to relax at night.

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