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Royal Savage

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9487163871067849583
  • Book Genre: Erotic Romance
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Royal Savage Book Summary

I CAN'T CLOSE MY EYES… I refuse to. Every time I do, all I see is blood, death, and pain. I can feel it - almost taste it, bringing me back to that night. 
It doesn't matter that I'm still breathing; I no longer need it, I no longer want it. I despise it along with everything else around me. 
The only thing I long for is to f*****g fade away. I've given up. Until her at least… 
She comes into my world, knocking me on my ass. 
It turns me on to have her around me. Makes me want to wrap my hand around her tight little throat and f**k her until she feels my pain, feels the monster in me, but also makes me want to protect her from the very thing that she should be afraid of... me.
Once she sees the damage that I'm capable of; she'll look at me like everyone else around me does: with fear. 

HIS EYES... THE DARKNESS IN them draws me to him, making me want to taste him, feel him… and save him. I shouldn't have gotten on the back of his motorcycle that day. I know that now. Colton warned me. I was told it was dangerous. I was told that nothing would be the same. He was right. 
ROYAL is dangerous, dark, and seductive; the very thing that keeps me hanging on, willing to give my last breath just to touch him… breathe him in. 
He's savage, inked, and highly captivating. So different from his brother… 
He's hazardous to my health, mind, and body, yet the only thing that I crave. I want to free him. I want to change his mind, but I'm afraid that he's already too faded… 

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Royal Savage Book Comments

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Royal Savage - Victoria Ashley Book Reviews

  • Tear Jerking . Excellent read (TT784)

    Couldn’t put it down . Love the rawness behind the story and the characters . The story was a great read. Page turning and the love story was endearing . Kudos to the author . ❤️
  • Good (Prince Darkness)

    Is a good book to read
  • Great book! (Legal Regal)

    Great characters, great story and I can’t wait to read more from this author!
  • Hearts can heal and love again (kathyesf)

    This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be the last. This is a story of a man that has lived through a horrible nightmare and lost everything and is trying to just get through every day. Avalon is underwhelmed in her love life and is in a relationship that is dull. These two meet and sparks fly. Their story pulls you in and makes you root for them. There are moments that are truly heartbreaking, but there are also parts where you hope that a heart can heal and learn to love again. The end was WOW, I didn't see it coming and when it did I was blown away and loved that the author put this twist in. Definitely recommend.
  • Wow (Joeygirl1980)

    Wow. Where do you even start. This book has you hook line and sinker. You can not put this book down. Royal is one tough, hot head headed man. But with everything he has been through you see why. Ava is his match. She takes the beast. This book keeps you hooked from page one. It is deep and dark but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope we get more of this series. Each one of the guys in it you fall for so I hope Blaine and Jax get a book too. A must read. But be forward. It can get dark in some places. But so worth the read.
  • Savage book! (NajahIman)

    I have enjoyed a few of the authors other books, so gave this one a try. I was pleasantly surprised! I was instantly drawn into the story through the attraction I started to form for the characters. Royal seems so hot and I would gladly let him ink my body! Avalon knows what she wants and won't let a lacking boyfriend stand in her way. The sex scenes has me walking around wet, with hot rough encounters. The only thing this book left me wanting more of, are pages! I'd love to have read 600 more pages with follow ups on other characters I've fallen for. Team Royal!!
  • Get ready for Royal to blow your mind d and capture your heart! One of my favorite books EVER! (Chatterbox21828)

    Victoria Ashley far outdid herself with this book. It's hands down her best book yet and one of my favorite books ever! Reading this story is like reading her heart in words. She poured so much of herself into this book and stepped far outside of her comfort zone. She took a risk and boy did it pay off! What she has given us with Royal's story is pure perfection! If I could give this book one word it would be epic! You get Royal who is so dark and pained that you instantly fall for him and want to comfort him. You can't help but know that he's a good guy done wrong in some way. Ava comes into his life at the most unexpected time and when two lives like theirs come together it is absolute magic! This story is a journey of peace, love and forgiveness. You will get so pulled into this book so be prepared to have every emotion possible! There are twists that I didn't see coming and I was left speechless. My heart was all in with this book. I was so invested and only hoped that by the end of the story I would come out whole. I was so happy to read the final words of this book but it was also bittersweet because I never wanted it to end. Although I truly feel that this story never will end because once you meet Royal he will live on in your heart and hold a piece of it forever. You can't forget the other characters in this book also. They brought a element to this book that lift it up right at the moments when it needed it the most. I only hope that they will get their own book someday because those boys are never at a loss for words and have plenty more to say! Thank you Victoria for allowing yourself to try something different because what this book will bring to so many is never to give up. Even at the darkest moments there is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how far away it is. It's there you just have to fight to get there no matter how hard of a journey it is. Thank you for allowing me to believe and know that even in the darkest times the sweetest rewards can be found. You just have to look for them. When a book can affect you like that it is just special. I could talk about this book forever but I'll leave it to the reader to read it and experience everything that I have. Get ready to meet Royal Savage! Once you meet him you'll never be the same!
  • 😢😢😢 (CHriStINa😬)

    I loved it so much.... The ending was the best part!!!! Royal and Avalon are so good for each other.... Great book Victoria Ashley never disappoints.....

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