The Survivalist (Last Stand)

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The Survivalist (Last Stand) Book Summary

Last Stand is the seventh book in a series described as "a cross between Justified and The Walking Dead." Justice is finally at hand. Deputy Marshal Mason Raines is closing in on General Hood and his murderous Black Dogs. To protect President Glass, he must first find a way through The Greenbrier bunker's blast doors, a feat that will require confronting an unspeakable creature inhabiting the sewers. Terribly outnumbered, Mason, Bowie, Leila, and three young cadets must call upon every bit of skill and courage to make one valiant last stand.

Meanwhile, Tanner and Samantha embark on a far less noble mission. Not only must they kill President Pike, they must also dismantle his powerful empire. To do so, they find themselves aligning with an army of hideous, and often unpredictable, survivors. Only after unleashing the violent horde, do they begin to realize that their hasty alliance might result in the collapse of the entire federal government.

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