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Those Were the Days

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Those Were the Days Book Summary

Don't fall in love in high school. 
Don't fall in love with your best friend. 
Don't fall in love. At all.

When Claudia Lake's sister Wendy moves back home, everything changes. The boy next door wants to be more than just friends. Her best friend nurses a broken heart with revenge. When it comes to love, Claudia has learned that it's better to be safe than sorry... or has she? 

Those Were the Days is a prequel to Jenny Bravo's debut novel, These Are the Moments, that explores what it means to be in love in high school, the excitement and fear of a first love, and how to survive broken hearts. 

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Those Were the Days Book Comments

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Those Were the Days - Jenny Bravo Book Reviews

  • Short & sweet (sweet-bbygirl)

    Great story 🙂 I felt like it ended at the best part so I’m looking forward to reading the second book.
  • I love it (7890😍😍😍)

    This book is great. I really enjoyed reading it.❤️
  • Moments like These. (VarelasC)

    I just wanted to keep reading and reading. Great story.
  • Great quick read (Sirmz)

    The story was entertaining for a short read. Definitely reading the next book.
  • GREAT BOOK (naomi2626)

    I am in love with this book! I wish there could be more, more of the story! This book made me fall in love with it on the first sentence. So real, yet so unreal, but even though it might be like other books it’s just different! I’ve never read a book and feel like I need to read over and over! If I say it’s a great book I mean it’s a great book! This book can’t be any greater than it already is.
  • Rates (hdhhedvhsjvdvdhs)

    An amazing intresting book
  • Wow (Theambartmachine)

    This book is pretty short. But it's so worth it. It's beautifully written. It's emotional and it just drags u in and wants u to read al, of it without taking a break. I rate this book a 5/5 👍🏻❤️
  • Wack (jerryhatesrick)

    Don’t read
  • Loved (Kaycee Luksic)

    Omg I literally loved this book because I had to finish it in two days and I loved how it was short but long and amazing!
  • Amazing (hEy pLeAsE rEaD tHiS)

    It is absolutely amazing and addicting, I just need the story to continue. ❤️

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