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Not Actually Engaged

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 5815788181107397405
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4.5 star
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Not Actually Engaged Book Summary

This book has been professionally edited and revised from the original publication.

Paige Vaughn needs a better paying job and a cheaper place to live if she hopes to finish her college degree in interior design.

Cooper Jennings, dealing with multiple surgeries after a NFL career ending injury, needs a Personal Assistant to get his design business up and running. He also needs a fake girlfriend to convince his parents he won’t need to burden them with his care after his next surgery. His perfect plan disintegrates when their families assume he and Paige are engaged.

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Not Actually Engaged Book Comments

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Not Actually Engaged - Jan Hinds Book Reviews

  • Not Actually Engaged is delightful! (Sj-G)

    I absolutely loved this book I've read it at least 3 times already. The main characters are so delightful I find myself loving them a little bit more each time I read the book. Each character in the book is well written and you wind up wanting to know more about them. The story overall is such a nice twist on the typical romance story that it is quite refreshing.
  • Not Actually Engaged (Starlord1029)

    Loved, loved this book!!
  • Cute (Mrs. BusyB)

    Cute and romantic....good bantering between characters.
  • Medium (bookworm&tea)

    Cooper and Paige both were a bit annoying. They didn't express themselves to each other, which was really frustrating. Also, I found the book to be overly dramatic, to the point of unbelievability. It didn't pull me in, which is what i usually use as a marker of a really good book. It was entertaining but not great.
  • I loved it (Bucsgirl33)

    I started reading it to fall asleep and stayed up four hours before I made myself go to bed, and then finished it today! The author did a great job allowing you to feel the emotions of the characters. I love stories that have sub stories that come together! Great job!
  • Enjoyable read! (Lancerlot3)

    I enjoyed this romantic comedy to the point I read it in a day. You could just feel the doubts expressed in the characters as we all have them in a relationship. Other than a few editing issues I found it an easy read and can recommend it to all, even to my teenage daughter as it was well written without any erotica which I enjoyed.
  • What in petunias name did I just read (aanniee__)

    This book was terrible!!! No wonder it was free. These characters are so over the top fake and cheesy. There's no backbone to the story. It's going each and every way. Paige is by far the worst character In the book. I'm just in awe that someone actually agreed to publish this garbage.
  • Petunias & daffodils (paigelikeabook)

    This book is rated G. No steam, no touching, & no swearing. This book reads like an older mother wrote it. The characters don't swear... They say 'daffodils' or 'petunias'. πŸ™„ I'm sorry, are you a grownup or a child? Also, the addition of the word 'blasted'. What century are you from? "He raised that blasted eyebrow..." At times the book went from 'not much going on' to 'way too much'. The heroine was annoying. She wants Cooper but shuts him down when he tries to confess his feelings. This goes on the entire book! And having all the males vie for her attention was ridiculous. I really hated Paige's character. She's a virgin but seemingly has all these male suitors & she has no problem getting a little affectionate with all of them. Are you kidding me? If the hero in any book behaved the way she did with men the hero would be hated on & criticized so hard; but nothing is said about her slorey ways. Needless to say I'm not continuing with the series or the author. This is not romance it's G rated bs. It could be a preteen's book for how mature the characters act. Big fail on this book, I wouldn't recommend. πŸ’©πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
  • Not Actually Engaged (Oversizedbarbie)

    I have only read a little bit of her book" Not Actually Engaged ", and what I've read so far I absolutely love it. The author really helps you feel the characters and their emotions throughout every scene.. That's what makes a great book and a wonderful author!! Most definitely will be checking out other books she has written and have also subscribed for email alerts for when her new books are published on IBooks..!
  • Edit, edit, edit. Please. (lattelicks)

    This doesn't suffer from some of the grammatical and spelling errors you'll find in some freebie reads. But it does suffer from way too much going on in the storyline. There are at least 3 different tangents going on, which was 3 too many. I'm not certain whether there had been a pre-quel but our main characters already know each other from the previous year or so. There just isn't a whole lot of character development While it was likely more than a few sentences, it felt like that was all I got to explain any deep attraction. She's had a crush on him. I just never really felt it on his end.... Not the worst read but could have been much better.

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