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Jase Book Summary

Jase Steel is a twenty two year old hot tattooed and pierced bad boy who works at his family’s tattoo shop FOREVER STEEL with his brothers. His good looks will tempt anyone to walk on the wild side and that's exactly where he wants to be. But his interest is immediately peeked when he meets Carly, his best friend's cousin. And even though his friend will not approve, Jase can’t help himself. After tricking Carly to “fake date” him, he realizes that there is so much more to the beautiful girl, as the situations that surround Carly at all times are hysterical, yet heart warming. Jase falls hard and fast for her, but some painful secrets from his past may keep him away until it's too late.

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Jase Book Comments

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Jase - MJ Fields Reviews

  • 1/2 star rating

    By paigelikeabook
    This book is gawd awful. I've read some duds but this takes the crappy cake. The characters are like high schoolers, immature, whiny children running around trying to play grownup. Skip this book unless you've got a love for terrible heroines, constant on/off 'relationship' status, sleepy group of brothers, & a hot 'n cold hero that can't make up his mind. Those are just the flaws that come to mind, this book is riddled with bullshît. This 'book' reads like it was written by an immature teenager high on meth. I can't even express how terrible this is. WASTE of TIME. 💩😡
  • Somebody snack the girl

    By Chellebell123
    I am glad this was a free download because had Ipaid I would have been mad. What could have been a good book got overshadowed by how tired I got reading her tell him to F-off, she hates him, and she is out of here. I swear I wanted to tell her to not let the door hit her on the way out. Thought the author would have her characters mature through tough times just a little but instead felt like I was reading about high school nonsense.
  • Wow just wow

    By Sophiasmommah
    I lost a good 4 hours of sleep reading this book. Literally couldn't put down!
  • Jase

    By BusDriven Mom
    This is my 1st read from this author and it was absolutely great and smoking hot book with a great ending. Enjoyed it
  • HOT!

    By Tkthiessen
    Can stop at just one! Hot hot hot!!!
  • Horrible

    By Kblondie212
    Book seems to be written by a teenager. Very poor dialogue and no character development. Don't waste your time.

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