Left Luggage

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Left Luggage Book Summary

A terrorist kit: just add crazy and stand back…

His father’s suitcase was lost and forgotten – until now. Full of money and guns, the arrival of the suitcase pitches John Lawrence and his aging mother into the middle of a vicious gang war.

After leaving the army, John is trying to build himself a new life, and trying to do the best he can for his elderly mother. Betty Lawrence isn’t taking her loss of independence well. She was a photojournalist who survived Vietnam, Lebanon and Sarajevo. Now old age and a broken leg have forced her back to an Australia that she hardly knows anymore.

The arrival of the suitcase triggers a power struggle between local crime gangs, and forces John to fight to keep them both alive.

Left Luggage is the first novel in a crime thriller series set in Sydney. If you like page-turning thrillers with compelling characters, surprises, and plenty of atmosphere, then you’ll love this first instalment in the John Lawrence thriller series.

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