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The Slam: A Romance

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7354944921131975559
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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The Slam: A Romance Book Summary

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Haleigh Lovell. "A top favorite read of the year!" ~ Read & Share Book Reviews

"This really is a beautiful love story." ~ Books & Boys Blog

"I have found the BOOK. The Slam was a GRAND SLAM. Charming, witty, funny as hell and very sexy, it had this underlying innocence and depth that completely spoke to my heart. It switched from sidesplittingly funny to thought-provoking and serious, and back again, without giving me whiplash. Just that warm, happy feeling you get when you read a damn good book." ~ Beth, Give Me Books/ One-Click Addict Support Group

"The Slam is without a doubt one of my favorite reads of the year! What an exceptional, totally refreshing angle on an already saturated genre. I LOVED IT!" ~ PopKitty Book Reviews

"This book captivated me from the beginning. It was funny, heartbreaking, sexy and everything in between." SLB Book Blog

"The Slam is a grand slam winner of a romance.” ~ Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous 
"A love story with a refreshing twist. The Slam is truly a gem." ~ H. Robinson  

by Haleigh Lovell

An Aspie. An athlete. A love story.

I didn't want her here.
I didn't want to be entrusted with her care.
You see, she has Asperger's and she struggles with social cues.
Somehow, she's convinced me to be her social coach.
Somehow, the lines have blurred . . .

Note: THE SLAM is a deliciously sexy, full-length novel that's packed with heat, heart, and humor. It can be read as a standalone.

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The Slam: A Romance Book Comments

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The Slam: A Romance - Haleigh Lovell Book Reviews

  • The Slam a Romance (Tiggy/Cookie)

    One of the silliest and most unromantic stories I have ever read. If not for the dirty words and the constant sex,I would call it a jr. high readers book. Half way through I couldn’t take anymore. I can’t imagine how it got even one five star rating.
  • Incredible (beckyrae99)

    If you haven't had the chance to read Haleigh Lovell yet then you need to do so now. I have to admit that The Slam is my very first book that I've read by Haleigh. Now I'll let you in on a little secret.....I so plan on going back for more. The Slam is an incredible breath of fresh air read. Ender and Edric are amazing brothers. I love their relationship. You add in long time friend Adelaide moving in with them into the mix and let the giggles commence. Seriously I love Adelaide and the fact that we are presented with such a unique character. Adelaide never sees her Asperger's as a hindrance. If anything it makes her the most amazing person out there. She is quirky, smart and full of surprises. I love her honesty. It's no wonder Ender is drawn more and more to her. Ender always knew she was different growing up and I love how he just embraces it fully. Now he does come off as bit of a ladies man in the beginning but once Adelaide enters the picture you can tell he only sees her. Through out The Slam they create a beautiful relationship and bond. I love how Adelaide pushes Ender to go after his dream of playing pro tennis. I for one couldn't get enough of this book. I was happy to see that Ender and Adelaide story continues in The Foreplay and can't wait to jump into that one to see how much Adelaide and Ender grow together. The Slam is a book that needs to be read.
  • LOL (Lori D. H.)

    I just loved this book. Very rarely does a book make me laugh out loud, this one did! Adelaide rocks!!!

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