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Formal Arrangement

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7958355511144301396
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Formal Arrangement Book Summary

Lauren Bishop has her whole summer planned out—working as a nanny for a desperate single dad and finding the elusive Mr. Right. She even signed up for the local matchmaking guru’s Make Love Bloom (TM) service end-of-summer guarantee! But somehow her plans got derailed because now she finds herself longing for her emotionally unavailable employer. 

When his two-year-old’s molars turn his little sunshine into a demon from hell, single dad Alex Campbell finds himself longing for the simpler days of teddy bear picnics. This is a parenting nightmare! Then sweet Lauren drops into their life like an angel sent from above. Alex doesn’t do relationships, which is why he turns down every woman who comes his way, but he can’t afford to lose this nanny. Can he convince her to stay even though she’s looking for the one thing he can’t give her?

Happy Endings Book Club Series
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Formal Arrangement (Book 4)
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Formal Arrangement - Kylie Gilmore Book Reviews

  • Formal Arrangement (Eileen A-W)

    I truly enjoyed reading Formal Arrangement by Kylie Gilmore. This is another amazing story, the fourth, in her the Happy Endings Book Club series. Elementary school teacher Lauren Bishop agreed to help Alex Campbell with his two year old daughter, Viv, during her summer break. Alex worked from home but as Viv was cutting her two year old molars he could not work, sleep, or calm her down. Lauren had the magic touch, calming Viv and keeping her active like a two year old should. The only problem was Lauren’s attraction to Alex which she refused to act on and Alex’s attraction to Lauren. Alex does not do relationships and uses the guilt he feels for causing the death of Viv’s mother to justify it. Alex can’t afford to lose Lauren as his nanny and needs to convince her to stay, but can he? This story showed another side to the world of singular parenting and that sometimes it’s okay to admit that you need a little help from your friends. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down. Ms. Gilmore wove a wonderful tale and I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • Sweet & Sexy (RomanceKel)

    What I like best about this book is the real angst I felt for the overwhelmed single dad with his high energy toddler daughter. Yeah, he needs a nanny who’s gonna stick around, and now that he’s found one, no way is he not going to fall for her. Even though she’s not his type—too sweet, too nice, to handle his “edge” in the bedroom. Of course appearances can be deceiving. Another fun read in the Happy Ending Book Club series.
  • Fun, Sweet, Sexy Small Town Romance! (Cali Jewel)

    Heartwarming, Funny, Sweet, Sexy and Overall beautifully written romantic journey of a single dad looking to raise one amazing little girl and finding he might not need to struggle alone. Lauren Bishop is a school teacher off for the summer and working as a nanny seems the perfect fit for her summer plan to find her forever love. (she even signed up for help in that area) Alex Campbell is a sexy hot alpha male that lost one love already and is so not looking to open himself to that risk of heartbreak again. His only love is his adorable two year old daughter that he lives for and is looking for a helping hand. This love story is full of heart and laughter not to mention strong family bounds.
  • Viv steals the show! (GreyGirl50)

    There's nothing sexier than a single dad with a darling two year old daughter and although Alex has made Viv his number one priority he's still dealing with his grief over the death of Viv's mother in childbirth. After hiring and firing a boatload of caretakers for his precocious daughter Viv, he finds grade school teacher Lauren, who quickly becomes the most important person in both of their lives. The star of this book is definitely darling little Viv whose bubbling personality and adorable antics made me laugh out loud and witnessing the loving attention both Alex and Lauren shower upon Viv made my gooey heart melt. But never fear, this author always includes plenty of smoldering sexual attraction between her characters that will raise your heart rate and soon you'll be falling in love with this little family of 3. I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
  • My new favorite book in this series!!!! (RomanceNovelGiveaways)

    My new favorite book in this series!!!! As I've come to expect from Kylie, this book was extremely well-written, SMOKING HOT and sprinkled with laugh-out-loud moments . The characters were realistic and acted and spoke accordingly. I started this book and the next time I looked up it was four hours later and I hadn't even noticed! I was completely engrossed in the story. Now normally I'm not a fan of children in romances. Sometimes they aren't written well and subtract rather than add to the story. THIS child, however, was absolutely adorably hilarious and very well done. Another aspect I usually don't like reading about is the deceased significant other. But again, Kylie brilliantly used this dark spot to create a brightness that gave me n excellent sense of closure. Overall, I REALLY really really liked this story. I felt it was very well-rounded and, in my opinion, the best of the series so far. As a side note, similar to the other books in this series, Hailey and Josh continue to have their battle of wills. I am DYING to read their story, and Kylie does an excellent job of stringing me along with hot looks from Josh that hold the promise to rock Hailey's world. Can't Wait!!! (I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)
  • Alex & Lauren (kastan man)

    Lauren is ready to settle down with Mr Right and plans to spend the summer finding him. Alex is desperate for help with his rambunctious, two-year-old daughter. He works from home, but with two year molars coming in, it is nothing but no work and no sleep. Lauren sees beneath people's exterior, knows Alex is deeply hurting, and wants to help him in any way. Alex wants a nanny and nothing more, but Lauren makes him want things he never has before. I loved Alex. He has grown so much and he still has a way to go. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.
  • Formal Arrangement (ShellBooks66)

    A story about Lauren Bishop a second grade teacher who is on summer break with plans of finding her Mr. Right and helping hot sexy single father Alex Campbell out with his adorable two year old daughter Viv by being her nanny. Alex is having a rough time with his daughter because of her molars he is desperate for sleep and needs to get some work done so he hired Lauren as the nanny. Soon the chemistry between Alex and Lauren is hard to keep from combusting but Alex isn't looking for love so he thinks, Lauren is looking for her Mr. Right and love. They both love Viv how will this work for these two people who may just be what each other needs. This is a delightful fun loving story with a great story line and a lot of great characters. Kylie Gilmore has done it again with this addition to the Happy Endings Book Club Series!
  • Formal Arrangement - by Kylie Gilmore (dianeppatterson)

    FIVE STARS***** I have to say I have gotten lucky again and stumbled onto another opportunity to read one more amazing authors work. This group of women in the Happy Endings Book Club are great, quirky, and fun. This story is about Lauren and her idea of the perfect guy. The one (she thinks) is a single father with a lot of pain, Alex. Alex desperately needs help with his 2 yr. old daughter. He isn't looking for a relationship. Lauren is not only great with kids but being a teacher and being off during the summer makes her available. She wants to help and he needs her help. Lauren has had a crush on Alex, who we first meet as a haggard, overwhelmed single dad of a 2yr. old. She feels he is still great on the eyes, even though she sees his pain. With just their few previous meetings, she has seen how he loves his daughter and is a fantastic dad. Alex, sees her beauty yes, but he starts to fall for her because of how she cares for his daughter. Whether he is looking for a relationship or not, she is, even though she knows he isn't available - sparks fly. Yet, I love how Lauren just knows and stands strong because Alex isn't ready and needs to heal from his past before he can move forward. We are able to watch him go through this process and it is wonderful. I not only love this story. I love these characters, all of them. Even Alex's dad, Joe, had me laughing out loud. I am glad that these books can be read as a stand alone but I am off to start reading the first one of this series and looking forward to the complete series. I love when I come crossing writing that just has me smilingly and looking for the next book. I don't know how Kylie does it but I am thankful that I have found another author that I am hooked on.

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