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MacBook Pro Essentials

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4053077591145983620
  • Book Genre: Computers
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MacBook Pro Essentials Book Summary

MacBook Pro Essentials (for models with Thunderbolt 3 ports) provides everything you need to quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Pro and included apps. On models featuring the Touch Bar, learn about useful shortcuts and tools that are right at your fingertips on the Touch Bar, and set up Touch ID so that you can unlock your Mac in an instant.

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MacBook Pro Essentials Book Comments

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MacBook Pro Essentials - Apple Inc. Book Reviews

  • Well-detailed and Useful with Basic Knowledge (Deus DIo)

    After reading the guide, I understood so much more about how to use the MacBook Pro. I used Windows for most of my life and have just begun transitioning to MacOS for college work. The guide helped me understand the basics of how to use the MacBook.
  • MacBook Pros u must know gestures & such (J. Trent Vines)

    I love this new MBP.. I think Apple has done a heck of a job with it.. I don’t think the touch bar is all it’s hyped up to be, although it can be helpful at times, but this being my 2nd MBP and has the i9, this thing. wastes no time doing any task and the graphics are absolutely stunning.. I know they aren’t 5K an all of that but it’s a computer and you can output 4K with the correct video adapters and such but it’s always a pleasure having your manual right here in iBooks where you need it & learn the shortcuts and you’ll be a mac user for life… I’ve got everything Apple and I’m more than pleased with everything from the watches, to the iphone X I have, and now the addition of the MacBook really makes running a company that’s web based very easy and they’re just made for productivity as long as you read up on them and know how to use them properly, youll never try PC again unless you’re running paralells…. Great computer - great to have the manual on board for when you need it!!
  • A new beginning (H.Gossard)

    I have to say after spending a good two hours reading this book I can say that I know more about how my Macbook Pro(2018) works and how to use it. I’m kind of a first generation user of Macbooks in my family so it was kind of surprise that I would have to learn a new operating system by the time I leave for college, which is about 2 months away. This book is a guide design to help you better understand MacBook’s. Its a new beginning that I’m looking forward too.
  • Everything i needed to know (Amydeez)

    grerat to have this book on my computer its very helpful and will be a great resource moving forward!
  • Decent (The last king of Prussia)

    Would have enjoyed some more information on how to do more advanced tasks or where to find information about such things. A decent starting board none the less.
  • Not much help (Muddy Mud skipper Jr)

    I had a neighbors 12 year old kid explain more than this “users manual” they call a book.
  • Concise, helpful and useful book (bt4jc)

    Reading this book has been a very helpful read for me to ‘unpack’ all the goodies in my new laptop. The content was neither too technologically boggling nor confusing. A lot of my questions were answered by the read through the book. A nice balance of concise with helpful links out for further study. Great job and I feel empowered and ready-to-go with my new Mac. Thanks very much.
  • New to Mac (G-ma Mini)

    Very helpful! I have an iPhone so it wasn’t completely confusing. After setting up I am able to go back and look things up! I always say ‘I know just enough about computers to be dangerous!’
  • Cannot download from China (大山子一一)

    This book is not supposed to be read by China mainland users?
  • Thorough and helpful introduction (15-4-2)

    This is a great user’s manual for the everyday user. The MacBook Pro has surprising features. This book describes them well, tells you where to find and how to use them and never gets bogged down in technical detail. If you have a new macbook, take a couple of hours and wander through it with this superb guide. It’s fun.

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