Triple Trouble

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Triple Trouble Book Summary

She wasn't looking to fall in love with one man. Never mind two.

Juliet Reece grew up in the shadow of her seemingly perfect older sister, Margo Reece. While Juliet's wealthy, blue-blood parents dealt with infidelity, Juliet fought for normalcy. Now she's the bassist in Warning Sign, a band on the rise, and she finally feels like she's making space for herself in the world. It's her time to shine, and she's ready to have fun and focus on her career.

Until Randy "Sparks" Pruitt nearly blows up her life. Literally.

She can't stand the guy. She definitely hasn't fantasized about gripping a handful of his hair and—no. Not happening.

Then there's Tristan Eves, Sparks' new friend. He's the exact opposite of Sparks. Playful. Naughty. Arousing. Suddenly, she's on the verge of something wilder than she's ever experienced before. Two seductive men, hers for the taking—if she can handle the heat.

If double trouble is dangerous, watch out for the power of three...

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Triple Trouble Book Comments

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Triple Trouble - Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott Reviews

  • Triple Trouble

    By Memom2022
    This book had me wishing for a love as fire scorched as their relationship . I couldn't put it down it was more like I nodded off while reading . What a dream relationship .
  • LOVED IT!!!

    By Mlr29
    I don't write many reviews but I have to say this is the hottest book I have read In a long time. The second scenes were awesome and the story was great too. Definite turn on!
  • I So Love This Book!

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    I am in serious love with West Reynolds, and I don't care who knows it... Okay, so, we all know that, if Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott write a book, I'm going to read it. These ladies and their hot rockers, man, I tell you what. Sizzling.Hot, every single time. DIRTY DUET, the ladies' latest release in their Found In Oblivion series, goes beyond everything that I expected to give me more, more, more. It only took me a hot second to fall in love with West. Keyboardist for the band Warning Sign, he's playful, talented, sexy as all get-out. But, more than that, his heart, y'all. Zapped by an immediate connection with the delightfully unfiltered and up-for-anything Lauren Bryant, West is all in before he knows it, and wouldn't have it any other way. Lauren has been sheltered by her protective and distant parents, and, now that she's fallen from grace, so to speak, she wants to experience everything. Originally on a quest to gather information for the project that will be the key to getting back into her parents' good graces, half an hour with West has her seeing him as much more than just data. Because he accepts Lo for exactly who she is, loving every zany thing about her that others have tried to change. She can be herself, and she just blossoms. I love all of the characters in the Found In Oblivion series, but West and Lo are my favorite yet (shhh, don't tell the others!). They just stole my heart, and I adore their story, and would LOVE to see much more of them in future (are you listening, Cari and Taryn?!). An absolute 5+-star read for me, I absolutely recommend this book, as well as all of Taryn's and Cari's books, for fans of the rockstar genre. And, while DIRTY DUET is part of a series, you don't have to have read the other books first (although, why wouldn't you?!). Grab this one and start reading. West and Lo will have your heart in no time.
  • Sexy and fun

    By Riajean
    I loved this book. While it is a standalone, I do recommend reading the Oblivion series and the Hammered series beforehand. Mostly because they're awesome. Slightly because the three main characters were introduced in earlier books. First, the book is sexy. Add however many X's you want to that word. The love scenes are smoking hot, but not to everyone's taste. My favorite part though, is the growth of the characters. They go from "this could be fun" to happy ever after with enough angst to keep you interested and not so much that it's a repetitive downer. Definitely recommend this book and the rest, as it ties up ...ahem... character arcs that I was looking forward to from the other series.
  • Hot reading

    By cheriinnis
    This is a very hot read, keeps you pushing through to the next page, can't put this down. Not for the faint of heart. Love reading this series. Addicting.
  • Triple Trouble

    By Queenly reader
    I was a little disappointed in this second book of this series. I felt it didn't have enough Character building and needed more to the relationships between them. It seemed that it was a bit too much on the sex sciences. I fell in love with all the characters from the Original Oblivion characters individually and as couples. This is a seri s you definitely want to read.
  • Rock Your World Hot!

    By KSP91301
    A chance meeting at the wedding of mutual friends turns what is supposed to be one night of wild, no strings fun into something much more for two friends and the sassy rock chick they both desire. Juliet Reece, bassist for the rock band Warning Sign, feels an immediate and overwhelming attraction for Tristan Eves, head chef at one of LA’s trendy new restaurants. A hunger more intense than she’s felt for any man. Ever. Tristan’s best friend and roommate, Randy “Sparks” Pruitt, the lighting engineer for Juliet’s band, had always been just part of the crew. That night she sees–feels–Sparks in an entirely different light when all three are together. The chemistry of the trio is palpable and undeniable. None of the three are looking for anything beyond one night. Two have reason to never want a relationship while one doesn't feel worthy. Triple Trouble is their journey of discovery and healing. It's filled with a few "Ahah!", sweet, and fun moments but dominated by the numerous, varied, and exceptionally hot sex scenes. The two men worship Juliet and put her pleasure above all else, which is sexxy AF. Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott always deliver a super steamy story, but this is their hottest to date. Sweet Lawd!! I'm talking incinerate your panties and rock your world. Of course, that’s what I loved most about the book. Secondly, I loved the interaction between Juliet and her sister, Margo. The two finally clear up their misconceptions and connect only as siblings who grew up in the same dysfunctional family can. Triple Trouble can definitely be read as a standalone. Many of the main characters from the authors’ previous books make an appearance or are mentioned. New readers will only notice and appreciate how well-developed those characters are, then likely fall in love with them if they follow up by reading the Lost in Oblivion and Hammered series, which I strongly encourage.
  • Triple Hot

    By tree7404
    Hot,hot, hot. This is an absolutely wonderful read. Juliet, Randy (sparks) and Tristan together are great. Seeing them first get together as a one night only, then seeing how things progress. But will they be able to deal with what others think of threesomes or jealousy between the three of them. Plus can their backgrounds and families help or hurt. Taryn Elliot and Cari Quinn have another great read and this is another hot in the series in found on oblivion, plus some cameos from the oblivion members and hammered members. A definite read.
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!!!!!!!

    By Dunetta
    Wow!!!! This is one steamy story. The relationship between Juliet, Sparks and Tristian is one of give and take, understanding and love. Sometimes it's hard to find any of those traits in one person. Juliet has found it in both of these. Three different personalities come together to make an awesome trio. Look for visits from characters in previous books. Great book!!!!

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