The Liberty Papers

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The Liberty Papers Book Summary

This excellent ebook contains all of the documents most sacred to American Liberty: The US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The 27 Amendments, The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and also the Federalist Papers. Every citizen should own a copy of these timeless documents that safeguard individual liberty, guarantee rights and freedoms, and protect our way of life.

This ebook is a treasury of the most important documents in America - and the World, and as well as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 27 Amendments, the Declaration of independence and the Articles of Confederation, it also contains the Federalist Papers - which have been omitted from most similar collections, but which contain the crucial arguments and debates that lead to the formation of the US Constitution.

As well as all the texts, this ebook contains several high-quality images of the documents themselves as well as a detailed explanatory introduction.

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The Founding Fathers - The Liberty Papers E-Book

The Liberty Papers - The Founding Fathers E-Book coming soon..