The Power of Questions

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The Power of Questions Book Summary

When we ask good questions, we are more likely to get responses worth listening to and answers that have valuable information. If you want to increase your effectiveness as a parent then The Power of Questions - Parenting with Love Lesson One is for you.

The Power of Questions - Parenting with Love Lesson One is a simple and easy outline to assist parents with developing healthy communication skills with their children. Using questions as a powerful tool to educate, inspire and motivate children to take responsibility is key in parenting.

Children respond favorably to parents who believe in their ability to be responsible with their own day-to-day challenges. Without challenges (opportunities) to grow through proactive questions, children will learn how to be victims and bullies.

Parents, who put their children down, criticize and nag them about everything sends, messages of worthlessness, guilt and shame. Asking your child proactive questions means trusting in their abilities to solve their own problems so that they can add value to themselves, their family and the community.

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