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The Doctor's Christmas Proposal

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4116256111154835302
  • Book Genre: Holiday
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The Doctor's Christmas Proposal Book Summary

Betrayed by his ex-fiancée, Dr. Wyatt Gallagher turns to the one woman he can always trust – his best friend, Mia Watson. After moving away, Wyatt has realized he wants more than friendship with the beautiful artist. With that in mind, he convinces Mia to come to Marietta for the Christmas holidays. But wooing Mia is surprisingly difficult — especially given the passionate night they’ve already shared.

Though Mia Watson has loved Wyatt Gallagher for years, he's always seen her as a friend, never a lover. Except for one unforgettable interlude when comfort turned to passion. Then Wyatt moved back to Montana, leaving Mia with an unexpected consequence of their night together--and soon, heartbreak to follow.

Faced with the fulfillment of her dreams, Mia knows she must reveal the consequences of their night together to Wyatt. But having withheld the truth for so long, will her confession destroy his trust in her, ending their friendship and any hope of a future together?

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The Doctor's Christmas Proposal Book Comments

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The Doctor's Christmas Proposal - Eve Gaddy Book Reviews

  • The doctor’s proposal (kt7-2018)

    Great book! Easy read!!
  • The Doctor’s Christmas Proposal (777sails)

    This was a great book. The characters were fascinating to read. Friends for years until one night of devastation to Wyatt. He goes to her as needing a friend. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. After that night, she becomes pregnant and he moved back to Montana. She unfortunately has a miscarriage. Since there is no longer a baby and he hasn't contacted her but twice in months, she figures he regrets that night and doesn't tell him. Wyatt does invite her to Montana after many months have passed. The rest of the story you will need to read. It was a complex plot. Some people believe that not telling someone something is a lie by omission, others do not. It is a question up for debate. The Gallagher family appear in the story and two of the brothers had prior stories and their continued stories are highlighted here. Do you need to read them to understand this story, no. I haven't but I will now. This story was written in my favorite dual POV. Getting in the mind and seeing the character's thoughts and feeling, is important especially in this story. You can really understand both sides here and see where the angst is coming from. Yes, there are both swearing and sex scenes. Are they necessarily, well as far I can tell a lot of people swear. As for the sex scenes, there were a few but this book isn't erotica by any means. It is just the continual and growing relationship between these two people.
  • Good story line but... (Girl778)

    Serious lack of chemistry. I liked the characters but there is something missing. Passion.
  • Wonderful!! (My03vette)

    This was sure a great story. Really had me hooked from the beginning. I loved Mia and Wyatt such great personalities together. The Gallagher clan was awesome, can’t wait to read the story about Shane. Fantastic!!
  • Gdhhgdyehgjdyfydhrhxheirgdgduyhe (irurhrh)

  • Sweet & Steamy Friends to Lovers Romance (BookSnuggle)

    "The Doctor's Christmas Proposal" by Eve Gaddy is book number three in the "Gallaghers Montana" series. This is Dr. Wyatt Gallagher and Mia Watson's story. Wyatt and Mia have been friends for years. Mia has been in love with him but never told Wyatt. One night their friendship crossed the line then Wyatt suddenly moved back home to Marietta. Wyatt couldn't forget their night together. He calls Mia and convinces her to come to Marietta for Christmas. Will Wyatt convince Mia to take a chance on love? Will the secret that Mia has kept from Wyatt destroy their chance at love? This is a sweet and steamy friends to lovers romance. I enjoyed Wyatt and Mia's story. The Gallagher family is a fun group. The author did a great joy of making the reader feel like the characters are friends. FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Friends to Lovers (Eileen A-W)

    I fell in love with characters in The Doctor’s Christmas Proposal by Eve Gaddy. This is the third book featuring the Gallagher family who live in Marietta, Montana. It also has a friends to lovers theme. Dr. Wyatt Gallagher returns to Marietta after being duped by a woman he was dating. It isn’t until he has moved away that he realizes how important Mia Watson is to him. He wants more than just a friendship with her. Wyatt convinces Mia to come to Marietta for the Christmas holidays. Mia has loved Wyatt for a long time but knew she was nothing more than a friend to him. That is until one unforgettable night when comfort turns into passion. Then Wyatt moved back home, leaving Mia to deal with an unexpected consequence of that night as well as the heartbreak that follows. When Wyatt finds out about Mia’s omission, he wonders if he can trust her. Will Mia be able to forgive herself and prove to Wyatt that she is worthy of his trust? This was a fun, wonderful and entertaining story with very loveable and authentic characters you want to cheer on, hoping for that happy ending. The characters were well written with complex characteristics. The story line was riveting and kept my attention to the very end. I enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down. I recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • The Doctor's Christmas Proposal (celticmaggie)

    Eve has given us a good quick story line. I read this in a day. It may read as a short book but there are a lot of spoilers in it. Mia is in Denver where she paints her art and she's still trying to forget her past. Wyatt is a doctor. He is Mia's best friend and he calls her to help him to forget his past. Sound Familiar? Wyatt moved from Denver back to Marietta. She comes as she has something to tell him. Spoiler. She blames herself and he blames her. It is Christmas time and she drives back to Denver in a bad blizzard. Yep, he follows her. He can't find her but he takes in a family, father, mother, 3 kids and a half grown slobby dog. They stop at a motel and Wyatt has to sleep on a couch. Spoiler. They catch up and talk it all out. There is a lot of action. They have quite a few spoilers. I really enjoyed this book. I have liked every book I have of Eve's. I would tell you to read this story. Check this one out and enjoy your reading. You won't regret it! I have volunteered to read and review this book.

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