Secrets in Death

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Secrets in Death Book Summary

A new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series: Lt. Eve Dallas must separate rumors from reality when a woman who traffics in other people’s secrets is silenced.

The chic Manhattan nightspot Du Vin is not the kind of place Eve Dallas would usually patronize, and it’s not the kind of bar where a lot of blood gets spilled. But that’s exactly what happens one cold February evening.

The mortally wounded woman is Larinda Mars, a self-described “social information reporter,” or as most people would call it, a professional gossip. As it turns out, she was keeping the most shocking stories quiet, for profitable use in her side business as a blackmailer. Setting her sights on rich, prominent marks, she’d find out what they most wanted to keep hidden and then bleed them dry. Now someone’s done the same to her, literally—with a knife to the brachial artery.

Eve didn’t like Larinda Mars. But she likes murder even less. To find justice for this victim, she’ll have to plunge into the dirty little secrets of all the people Larinda Mars victimized herself. But along the way, she may be exposed to some information she really didn’t want to know…

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Secrets in Death Book Comments

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Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb Reviews

  • Secrets In Death

    By 1991!
    I pre-ordered this book and anxiously awaited its arrival. So disappointed when I read it. If you want a review of her, and her friends closet, it's fine. Nothing new at all. She's evidently wrote the book while dozing off.
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  • Eh

    By TeenieCristinaRoses4545
    Slow and not very exciting Dialogue is not as funny as usual
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    By leo5864
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  • Best of the last four "In Death"

    By reverie35
    Great plot line and pacing. Telegraphs the suspect a bit. Dallas in lace is a bit hard to believe.
  • Secrets in Death

    By Avis Mavis
    This book is a waste of money.
  • Really good (not great) read

    By oldbutfine
    I love this series, and always read them when they first come out. It's a really good read. I figured out who did it early on, which is disappointing. I love it when I'm fooled! Both Roarke and Dallas are maturing in their relationship, which fits the progression of the series. Recommend.
  • I

    By tdrtt
  • Another excellent read!

    By SuSu-Asheville
    JD Robb does it again with another great book. I am an avid reader of her IN DEATH series. It's difficult to choose her best; however, this is high on my list. Suggest you at least read a couple of her earlier books to get a flavor for who's who regarding the characters. You could probably read it as a stand-alone; however, it has a greater impact if you understand the characters in more depth. Enjoy!
  • Fantastic!

    By Christy74441
    I loved this book! I love when they have a slower pace and you get a lot of Eve and Roarke interaction!

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