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Naughty or Ice

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 10677248441171546782
  • Book Genre: Holiday
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Naughty or Ice Book Summary

“You’re wearing mistletoe panties, princess. Where was I supposed to kiss you?”

Eva Bradshaw used to have standards. But with Christmas around the corner and a six-year-old daughter to feed, there’s not much the former Olympic figure skater wouldn’t do for some extra cash, even if it means violating her hard limit: hockey players.

Like the filthy-mouthed, sex-on-skates hockey god who’s about to slide straight into her penalty box…

NHL center Walker Dunn has been stuck on the injured list for months. So when his trainer springs for some one-on-one time with a beautiful woman, Walker’s more than ready to take the edge off… until he realizes the ice princess with the perfect ass isn’t there to handle his stick. She’s there to coach him back into action—whether he likes it or not.  

Walker puts the cock in hockey. Eva’s a champion ball-buster. Hate-f*cking their way onto Santa’s very naughty list might be their only shot at settling the score.

But falling for each other? Never. No way. Not a snowball’s chance in hell…

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