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Undercover Book Summary

When you have to take a bad deal and just hope it turns out all right

If there are two things that Pearl Waterman knows its cupcakes and love. So, when the baker’s matchmaking abilities are impugned, she doesn’t hesitate to take a high-stakes bet to prove once-and-for-all that she is a talented matchmaker. But matters of the heart aren’t always easy even for a skilled matchmaker. At the moment when her confidence starts to falter, Pearl receives a response to her online personal ad. Ryan is absolutely perfect. He’s tall, handsome, funny...

...and an undercover FBI Special Agent. 

Special Agent Michael Hanson is so desperate to resurrect his FBI career that he accepts what seems to be an unsolvable bank fraud investigation in a small town located halfway between a volcano and a fault line. With few clues, his only option is to go undercover as his investigation leads directly to Pearl. As the crime spree intensifies, he realizes that his only chance of succeeding hinges on enlisting the help of a beautiful and smart police sergeant with an agenda of her own. 

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