Blank Slate - Heather Justesen - Heather Justesen

Blank Slate

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4374302741179213977
  • Book Genre: Contemporary

Blank Slate Book Summary

After a serious car accident, concert pianist Adrianna Mueller wakes from her coma with no memory, including how to perform on her beloved piano. Her brother takes her home to recover, but nothing seems familiar---even her fiance, Brock Chellester. As Adrianna struggles to come to grips with the woman she is now, she gets to know her brother's business partner, Gavin McFaddin, and feels a pull toward him she never did before. Stepping in to help at her brother's business after the office manager quits, Adrianna is drawn deeper into Gavin's world and she begins to think she's finally found a place where she fits. 

Gavin is hesitant to give into his attractions to Adrianna, but can't seem to stay away from her. Watching her put the pieces of her life back together has stirred feelings in him he didn't think he'd ever feel, but there's just something that isn't adding up. When Adrianna is rushed back to the hospital for emergency surgery, his suspicions are confirmed---she isn't the woman he thought she was. But was it all just a lie? And can Gavin put the past behind him to find a future with the woman he loves?

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