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The Forsaken Crown

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The Forsaken Crown Book Summary

Being a prince can be fun…

…it can also get you killed.

When you're 15 years old, with the kingdom at your feet, there isn't time to learn the ropes. Prince Kendryk has found the life he had dreamed of isn't all glory. He trusts his advisors, but are they plotting against him?

 Wisdom comes with age...

…will he survive long enough to get some?

He needs a friend and an ally.

Outside the kingdom the drums of war are sounding. Armies gather. Plots are crafted. And soon everything will change.

Many leagues away, a young woman has just had a really bad day.  

Her mercenary career is in trouble…

…but that's the least of her problems.

There's a price on Sonya's head.

She had no idea who the marauder was, or that this woman worked for the Archduchess, or that helping a bunch of poor villagers, was such a bad idea…but it was. She picked the wrong day to do the right thing. The life of a mercenary wasn't about helping people.

This was rule number one.

She should have known better, but it's all over. As she's been told a thousand times, adapt or die.

You'll be amazed at how these two worlds come together. This epic  fantasy will keep you hooked from the beginning.

Get it now.

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