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Because of Him

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9007741621185349934
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Because of Him Book Summary

Blair Ackerman is a girl with crazy hair and a bad attitude. She's a girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She's a girl with only a duffel bag and a car named Nancy to her name, and that's okay by her. She's tough because she has to be. Nobody gets inside her head, nobody gets inside her heart.

Silver is everything she's never wanted. He's a good guy, a smart guy, a guy who's never met a girl like her before. He's the kind of guy who loves history, who laughs at his own jokes, who kisses like a sinful dream. He's the kind of guy who might just break down her walls and get inside her heart and make her feel.

Too bad he's forbidden.

Because when Blair's mom dies and she's sent to live with the father she's never met and a family that doesn't want her, Blair and Silver cross paths in ways they never could have imagined, and they discover that even though they know they should, they can't quite bring themselves to stay apart.

Opposites really do attract.

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Because of Him Book Comments

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Because of Him - Jessica Roe Book Reviews

  • Emotions (Beth094)

    I’m not one to sit and read a book from end to end in just one day, but with this book I just couldn’t stop reading! Throughout the entire book I felt the emotions of the characters and as if I was there with them the entire time. I will definitely be reading more by this author!
  • Great story and characters (Ak2328)

    Pros This was really awesome story with well developed characters and lots of twists and turns in the story. Was compelling all the way through and I became invested in Blair and her path. Cons Lots of typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Because of Him (bevanddale)

    Author: Jessica Roe Retailer: iBooks Good story line, enjoyed reading reminds me so much of myself in school with self esteem issues. Can’t wait to read series
  • Because of Him by Jessica Roe. Apple Books app. (ammill014)

    Great book! Blair and Silver have great chemistry and Blair’s background adds a lot of emotion to the story.
  • Because of him (bowling83)

    This book is amazing from start to finish. It's captivating.
  • Because of Him (natsw91)

    Steamy storyline and so easy to connect with the characters. The storyline wasn’t too far fetched which I could appreciate. Blair is sassy, stubborn and true to herself, and a great heroine. Reason for 4 stars was due to the amount of grammar/spelling/punctuation errors throughout. Super noticeable and sometimes distracting from the story.
  • Because of him (Mag68)

    By Jessica roe Wow seriously need to read this book! It will make you laugh and cry and seriously frustrated but it’s a good frustrated! So so so good! Bookbub
  • Because of him, Jessica Roe, iTunes (Gotmailyou)

    Loved this book, very real, easy to get into the characters. Looking forward to the series.
  • Could not stop reading (RockStar 09)

    A few pages in and I hooked. I needed to know what happens to Blair. Every time I thought I knew how what was going to happen I was pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait to read more from Jessica Roe
  • Because of him (Hot Momma 3)

    This book was great! I just couldn’t put it down. I went through so many emotions reading it, I felt happy, sad, anger, and I even cried. I loved the gift idea and I will definitely use it one day.

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