A Threat of Shadows

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A Threat of Shadows Book Summary

Would you sacrifice the world to save the one you love? 

Alaric was a Keeper; a good man, protecting the land with knowledge and magic, until his wife was poisoned and he betrayed everyone and everything to save her--only to fail.

Now Alaric has one last chance at a cure, but it's buried in an ancient stone. To find it, he'll need the help of an enigmatic elf, a crotchety dwarf, and a bumbling wizard. However, Alaric isn't the only one seeking the stone; an old evil stirs, and one of Alaric's companions will betray them all.

The task would be nearly impossible for a Keeper; so what chance does the shadow of a former Keeper stand?

Alaric must find the strength to become the man he used to be, cure his wife, and save the world from the looming shadows--but he cannot have all three. Which will he sacrifice?

Join Alaric in a land of magic, elves, and the occasional dragon as he is forced to make impossible sacrifices to save everything he knows.

A Threat of Shadows is the brilliant introduction to the magical world of The Keeper Chronicles, a new epic fantasy series by JA Andrews. Fans of Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, and Terry Pratchett would enjoy this unputdownable noblebright tale. 

Dive into this enchanting fantasy novel with real emotional depth. Grab your copy of A Threat of Shadows and begin this epic series today!

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A Threat of Shadows Book Comments

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A Threat of Shadows - JA Andrews Reviews

  • A fantasy adventure Must Read and Follow!

    By Ex Wordfeud Junkie
    A Threat of Shadows is a very well paced and enchanting tale of love, despair, hope, and sacrifice. The plot was defined from the beginning. Mini sub plots and obstacles speckle along the way - all leading to the end means, while adding growth and charm to the traveling group and enhancing their bonds. The characters were carefully created and held true to form- with some growing and developing along the way, as events occurred and changed them. (Except for one and we'll come to that.) Alaric's inner demons and struggle between right and wrong would cause pause for anyone who has wanted to save a loved one. The angst and reasoning is commendable. The Elvin history was kind of murky. It's understandable to be slowly revealed, but (for the reader) to remember and follow it when layers are peeled back proved to be confusing. The twists and betrayal - although we all know it *must* exist - was subtle and ingenious. The explanations as the characters tried to understand and come to grips with it - well, it sounded like they were voicing my thoughts! It was poetic that they (nor I) missed anything massive. I was equally satisfied the "oops, I forgot to mention-so let's drop it in here" card wasn't played. This must have been outlined and meticulously planned and penned by the author. It's mostly unrealistic that each night, Alaric can barely sleep although they are walking and hiking through harsh terrain and living off bread ...? In this time era, one would assume hunting and trapping was a way of life. I think it missed an opportunity to help world build. It's vague to tell us areas were void of animals and animal noises if all we know about are the venomous lizards. What sound do they make, anyway? When they arrived at Queen Saran's, we were told the cousin was sent off - but it seemed unbelievable because the morning they set out, it wasn't mentioned, causing it to seem like an after thought or casually added after an proofread or edit. Milly's role seemed more of a 'tag along love interest' who neither was helpless and complaining of the travels; nor did she really have a role in the quest. Of all the characters, she seemed bland with the most potential to becoming a dynamic addition to the group, being *only* a milkmaid. Certainly, even if safety was her reason for joining them, there should be some other use for her. Or left/kept at the palace court. Especially if they were all driven together because of a spell of sorts. Which brings me to the only loose thread. The finale of the dwarf's fate. In the scheme of things, as a subtle sub plot, I'd hardly consider it a cliffhanger, since it wasn't mentioned after they left Queen Saran. Hmmm. Yeah. It was kind of forgotten, actually, because Alaric didn't talk about it in the final pages, either. Wasn't it a clause he was required to return? And lastly, the ruby crystal. With the part it was portrayed, it seemed like it was frequently forgotten. The darkness was barely visible to nearly consuming, thrusting it inarguably under a category of misused representation in the story line. So it's more than 4.5 stars, but not quite 5. A stand alone series with an engaging arc of more to come, which was sensed from the beginning. It wasn't determined if it would be resolved, but the constant looping to it was admirable and smart. Although this review points out the direct flaws found, the world building and back stories were spellbinding and deep. It screams of series and could easily branch into various directions with the myriad characters. This era is in the beginning stages of creations and could blossom into novellas and books for years to come! Definitely recommended! *I was provided a free copy and happily volunteered to review - it's my nature to review all books I read, anyway!* This is identical to my review posted on Goodreads.

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