The Boy Who Knew Too Much

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much Book Summary

“Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player.”
“Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday.”
With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered.
“No! I was a tall baseball player—tall like Daddy!”

What was my son trying to say to me? Did he mean . . . he couldn’t mean . . . was he trying to tell me that he was a grown-up in a previous lifetime?

At the tender age of two, baseball prodigy Christian Haupt began sharing vivid memories of being a baseball player in the 1920s and ’30s. From riding cross-country on trains, to his fierce rivalry with Babe Ruth, Christian described historical facts about the life of American hero and baseball legend Lou Gehrig that he could not have possibly known at the time.

Distraught by her son’s uncanny revelations, Christian’s mother, Cathy, embarked on a sacred journey of discovery that would shake her beliefs to the core and forever change her views on life and death.

In this compelling and heartwarming memoir, Cathy Byrd shares her remarkable experiences, the lessons she learned as she searched to find answers to this great mystery, and a story of healing in the lives of these intertwined souls.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much will inspire even the greatest skeptics to consider the possibility that love never dies.

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much Book Comments

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much - Cathy Byrd Reviews

  • The Boy That Knew Too Much

    By Pia Rocks
    Great book. Page turner.
  • Great read

    By ElKietz
    Loved this book. Couldn't put it down.
  • The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    By Holcook
    Great read! I consider my self as a non-reader yet found myself reading the book every chance I got! Riveting. Explored topics I've never thought about before. And surprisingly a story about love.
  • A Must Read!!!!!!

    By Eddie Nickel
    This beautifully written book by Cathy Byer is everything I've pondered or experienced through Deja Vu, is crafted on the pages of this wonderful book. Having always thought about why I have certain skill sets without any formalized training, have baffled me. Having no exposure to them other than being able to execute to them with a knowledge and confidence that is only derived from years of experience. My Mother who is alive and wise beyond her years of 76, has mentioned the ideological premise of this book prior to ever reading it, allowed me to understand so much more about the phenomenon of the term "in my previous life" with real conviction. Thank You Cathy for having the courage to follow your heart and publish a book that adds a great deal of value to the reader. E. Saiza

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