Bitter Roots - C.J. Carmichael - C.J. Carmichael

Bitter Roots

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4115687991199182382
  • Book Genre: Police Procedural
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Bitter Roots Book Summary

Bitter Roots (Book 1 of Bitter Root Mysteries)

Murder in a small town is always personal.

Dispatcher Zak Waller prefers working behind the scenes in the Sheriff’s Office of Lost Trail, Montana, but when a newcomer to the sparsely populated town is brutally murdered—and the Sheriff is quick to pin the death on an unknown outsider—Zak starts his own private sleuthing.

On the surface Lost Trail is a picture-perfect western town, offering a simple way of life revolving around the local ranches and ski hill. But almost everyone has a secret to protect, and no one knows that more than Zak. He’s part of a younger generation hoping to revitalize the town. But evil has dug in deeper than he knows.

Perfect for fans of the British television film, Broadchurch.

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