Pulse Revolution

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Pulse Revolution Book Summary

Revolutionize your diet with "pulses"--lentils, dry peas, beans, and chickpeas--dried legume crops that deliver powerful protein and heart-healthy benefits, in addition to being sustainably-grown. Drawing on culinary traditions from around the world, Pulse Revolution includes 150 delicious vegetarian recipes that can easily be flexed to work for vegans and meat-eaters alike. Try a meat-based twist on the White Bean Coconut Curry, flex the Red Lentil Lasagna for vegan diets, or whip up a batch of Black Bean Brownies that anybody will love! Pulse Revolution has something to offer everyone, from meat-loving omnivores to dairy-free vegans. The eBook includes:

- 150 vegetarian recipes flexed to more than 400 with their vegan and meat-based variations
- Mouthwatering photos of over half the recipes
- Pulse profiles that highlight the preparation, cooking, and nutrition of each pulse in the book
- A "Pulse Exchange" feature that gives readers flexible pulse swaps they can use in recipes
- Wide selection of dishes from breakfast to dinner - even dessert
- Innovative recipes from around the world support the UN's 2016 International Year of Pulses

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Tami Hardeman - Pulse Revolution E-Book

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