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Suitcase Girl

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4375072911224854825
  • Book Genre: Police Procedural
Suitcase Girl - Ty Hutchinson Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
74 Ratings

Suitcase Girl Book Summary

She’s your average twelve-year old, except there’s something about her that’s unthinkable, and quite frankly, unexplainable. 

When a lone little girl is abandoned outside FBI headquarters, agent Abby Kane’s investigation points to a human trafficking ring—and something even worse…

For a tense, disturbing thrill-ride, pick up Suitcase Girl. Book one in the Suitcase Girl Trilogy.

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Suitcase Girl Book Comments

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Suitcase Girl - Ty Hutchinson Book Reviews

  • The suitcase girl (Marketing major)

    DRAMA, EXCITING, well developed characters lead you through their experiences. A great story a mix PATTERSON would have been glad to conceive.
  • Suitcase girl (happy to find you)

    I absolutely loved this book, I was always looking forward to reading the book all the way to the end. I found it captivating and easy to read. I would suggest this book to friends.
  • Ok (CurTab(:)

    An ok read
  • Suitcase Girl (eider duck down)

    This book was an excellent read! Just the right amount of suspense and wry humor as well.
  • Thrilling (Linda Gowan)

    I read a lot. Most things I can put down for days and then pick it up again. This book I read straight through.
  • Suitcase Girl (getlt)

    Really nice read !!!!
  • Great (J'Town)

    Great book all the way through to the end.
  • Sc (krysklearrrrrrrrre)

    Good book but the end was all over the place. I understand it’s a series but the end of this book was not as good as the beginning.
  • Not the first in the series (theresajmarson)

    That book itself was good, however, it is not the first book in the series. This is book number SEVEN! I am appalled that it was advertised as the first in the series.

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