A Long Conversation

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A Long Conversation Book Summary

What does it mean to be married? What do we commit to when we commit to each other for life? On a tense, hot summer night at the New York Institute, one couple will begin to find out as they celebrate their engagement.  Another couple will explore that step, only to be thrown back by a violent emergency that calls them to duty before love.
When Simon Lewis spontaneously proposes to Isabelle Lightwood, Clary Fairchild has two days to plan a grand engagement party. With a lot of help from their Downworlder and mundane friends, Clary and Jace Herondale pull it off.
But it wouldn't be the Shadow World if trouble didn't arrive to threaten even the most joyous occasion. As the new co-head of the New York Institute, Clary must deal with an impending Downworlder civil war, all while trying to keep Isabelle away from a room suspiciously full of tulips, to which she is dangerously allergic. 

Clary and Jace finally find a moment for themselves, but Magnus Bane interrupts them before they can have the conversation they really need to have – a conversation about that longest of conversations, marriage, that they may never get to have if they don't survive the night...

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A Long Conversation Book Comments

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A Long Conversation - Cassandra Clare Reviews

  • Alright

    By Beeperdudesurf
    It was alright I thought it ended stupidly though...
  • Good, for a teaser

    By Jaymy M.
    Would have liked little bit more. Poor C&J, always destined to put their lives ... and relationship on hold to save the world, or at least their friends and the Downworld. Leaves ya hanging as to what is occurring in E&J's world. Guess I'll start on Lord of Shadows now

Cassandra Clare - A Long Conversation E-Book

A Long Conversation - Cassandra Clare E-Book coming soon..