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Interfering with the presidential election was just the first step.

The Russians don't just want to influence American elections--they want it all. Former CIA agent John Wells confronts a plot of astonishing audacity as New York Times-bestselling author Alex Berenson goes beyond today's headlines to tomorrow's all-too-real threats.

It was supposed to be a terrorist sting. The guns were supposed to be disabled. Then why was there so much blood?

The target was the American Airlines Center, the home of the Dallas Mavericks. The FBI had told Ahmed Shakir that his drug bust would go away if he helped them, and they'd supply all the weaponry, carefully removing the firing pins before the main event. It never occurred to Ahmed to doubt them, until it was too late.

When John Wells is called to Washington, he's sure it's to investigate the carnage in Dallas, but it isn't. The former CIA director, now president, Vinnie Duto has plenty of people working in Texas. He wants Wells to go to Colombia. An old asset there has information to share--and it will lead Wells to the deadliest mission of his life, an extraordinary confluence of sleeper cells, sniper teams, false flag operations, double agents high in the U.S. government--and a Russian plot to take over the government itself. If it succeeds, what happened in Texas will be only a prelude.

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The Deceivers - Alex Berenson Book Reviews

  • Deceivers (azherrfun)

    Each book in this series improves on its predecessor. A top notch effort.
  • The Deceivers (greyts)

    Another winner! Keep them coming.
  • Hanging chad's (TKOTW)

    My attempt at humor, sorry. First off, I read constantly and I have read all of this author's John Wells books. His early work is much stronger than his current. John Wells doesn't seem like John Wells any more, and hasn't since has was running around Hong Kong chasing Dubberman. I realize that continuing a character through many years and books must be difficult. However, I think the author either gets tired writing about the same character year after year, but what turned me on about this book was John Wells, that guy from The Faithful Spy. This book has many subplots that drag on for so long, by the time you get back to John, you forget what the hell was going on with Wells. Also, some of the subplots just stop unfinished. The book is wide for ninety nine percent, then it comes to a twenty page rapid conclusion, then a seemingly long epilogue. The Duto subplot went nowhere and neither did the short one with his son. Hardly any interaction on Anne his wife and Emma his daughter. It seemed long for 400 pages. I will continue to read this author's future work. I just hope we see the real John Wells again.
  • Excellent Read (TootzLootzBrighton)

    One the best John Wells yet. Well done.
  • The deceivers (wee willie weeyums)

    Another great thriller. Nobody writes terrorism with your skill, knowledge, and political savvy. One of your critics once said you always get the politics right. I agree and it's what makes your novels so compelling. You also get the soldiering right, and your skillful storytelling makes me forget minor discrepancies in logic. It's hard to be perfect and entertaining. God can't even get it right all the time. Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke and Alex Berenson are the trinity of American male fiction writers. It's pretty rarefied air. You guys make me glad I learned to read.

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