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Hopeless Vows

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9730671001234131424
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Hopeless Vows Book Summary

It was a modern take on an arranged marriage that was supposed to lead to my happily ever after. The rules were simple: 

1. Marry a complete stranger chosen for you by professionals. 
2. Live together as man and wife for eight weeks while cameras record your every move. 
3. Make a decision to stay together or get a divorce. 

Call me crazy, but I had complete faith in the process, until I saw who was waiting for me at the end of the aisle. 

Austin James has never met me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know him. With no other choice, I say my vows and pray I can make it through the next eight weeks. Then I’ll leave. What connects us is my best kept secret, and I’ll protect it at all costs even if that means walking away from the only person I’ve ever cared about.

This is the first book in the Hopeless Vows Series.

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Hopeless Vows Book Comments

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Hopeless Vows - Rachael Duncan Book Reviews

  • Loved this book! (Mturley)

    This book was intriguing from the start! Austin & Jillian ate both interesting and well rounded characters and their connection is beautiful. Jillian’s secret has me hooked- dying to know what it is! Loved this story and can’t wait to read how it develops!
  • Hopeless Vows (Lovetooread)

    A great book! Could not put it down! Can’t wait to start on other ones!
  • Hopeless Vows (C Highers)

    This book is short and sweet, literally, and leaves you asking for more. While the story is cute and fun, no secrets are told, so who knows where it will leave you. AUSTIN sounds like a dream guy, so I’m hoping things turn out good for him!
  • Hopeless Vows (Lanne Buz)

    I am loving this story. Although I can predict her issue, I still want to keep reading! So on to #2!
  • Hopeless Vows (Alvonia)

    Love the story line. Love the interaction between Austin and Jillian. Can't wait to see if they stay together and what Jillian is hiding.
  • Hopeless Vows (Great game...must have)

    Good book so far. I just hate that the whole story is not in one book.
  • Hopeless Vows by Rachael Duncan (Sexy and riviting!)

    Wow! A whole lot of HOT and sweet at the same time! Can't wait to read the rest!
  • Hopeless Vows (Konako38)

    What a great start - did not want to put down. As you turn the page it left you intrigued as to what would happen next. A delightful story between two people that seemed as it could be someone you could meet from the city, but could this really happen? Can’t wait to continue on as to what will happen to Austin and Jillian!
  • Hopeless Vows by Rachel Duncan (NurseJackieDS)

    Nothing better than a romantic mystery. Cannot wait to read complete series!
  • Hopeless Vows (Poohcoy)

    I ordered off my iTunes and fell in love with Racheal Duncan’s style of writing. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat reading Hopeless Vows trying to find out what her secret it. I can’t wait to read more.

Rachael Duncan - Hopeless Vows E-Book

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