Little Nightmares #1

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Little Nightmares #1 Book Summary

FIRST ISSUE! Enter the terrifying and unpredicatable comic series based on one of the most hotly-anticipated games of 2017!
In Little Nightmares #1 SIX - the brave star of the game, a young girl in a yellow raincoat  - discovers a secret part of The Maw, where Lost Children share stories that may offer clues to eventual escape. Six thinks back to how she may have arrived herself - but is the story real - or a Little Nightmare! Then, learn of the story of children who took on the terror of a sadistic elemental, the North Wind — and the terrible price they paid for crossing its path!

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Little Nightmares #1 Book Comments

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Little Nightmares #1 - John Shacklefod, Alex Paknadel, Aaron Alexovich & Thiago Riebeiro Reviews

  • Its worth it buying it

    By JurassicWorldfan
  • Anticipating the Next Installments

    By Wandering for Work
    I recommend reading this twice, I was extremely confused the first read through. But second time around the animation and narration seemed more coherent and the whole thing is full of Easter Eggs and hidden hints. As my title says I'm waiting for the next installments and the next DLCs to drop! (If you haven't downloaded Secrets of the Maw you need to go do that right now!) Plus there is a full length Comic set to be released on Halloween that you can preorder on Amazon now.
  • Amazing

    By Moode-qtr
    I loved the game it is ( extraordinary ) in every way I could imagine however after I finished it many questions stormed into my head and got me really interested to look into the comic book ,, The expressive narrating throughout the comic to me it's a bit much ,, I'd rather read more dialogues between the characters " Loved the artwork and the characters style,, I'm sure that I'm a fan and will continue until the end. So excited and can't wait for the next issue.

John Shacklefod, Alex Paknadel, Aaron Alexovich & Thiago Riebeiro - Little Nightmares #1 E-Book

Little Nightmares #1 - John Shacklefod, Alex Paknadel, Aaron Alexovich & Thiago Riebeiro E-Book coming soon..