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  • Release Date:     ISBN: 4885256791248942344
  • Book Genre: Romance
Unraveled - Helen Hardt Book Score: 4.5 0 5
4.5 star
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Unraveled Book Summary

Ryan Steel and Ruby Lee are in love, but before they can move forward with a life together, they’re determined to bring resolution to the many unanswered questions they still face. To complicate matters, new threats arise with the arrival of two startling figures from their pasts.
As they race against time to find answers, unexpected forces pull them apart. Ryan's brothers, Talon and Jonah, rally to help, wanting to end the struggle and finally bring the last perpetrators to justice. But another riddle surfaces, deepening the rift between Ruby and Ryan. Will they salvage their relationship and finally unravel the mysteries surrounding them?

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Unraveled Book Comments

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Unraveled - Helen Hardt Book Reviews

  • Best book series (Hsdbdd)

    This has been one of the best book series I have read. And I have read quite a few romance novels. This series was deep. The storyline was real, where you can get emotionally attached to the characters as well as the story. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a book with suspense, deep love connections (and hot sex scenes), and a happy ending. Great story!!!
  • Steel brothers saga (maearich)

    I absolutely loved this series.
  • Unraveled (dsjtrx)

    Series was good. Now I think Marjorie needs a story.
  • Love it! (Ealy28)

    You HAVE to read all the books!!! They are absolutely amazing and its crazy to think how it all began!!! I shed tears in this last book, absolutely beautifully writteb!
  • The BEST SEGA BOOKS EVER!!!!!? (bookkeeper74)

    These were the story lines,I have enjoy every book. I wish there was one more to tell how they all were like ten years later or something. I wish the books really never end...
  • Steel Bros. are amazing❣️❣️ (Spoiled puppy)

    Helen, your writing is amazing‼️. You can not put these books down‼️. If your wanting a good series to read, I highly recommend this one‼️. I will be reading this series again and again❣️ Helen, keep the books coming and I’ll keep downloading them❣️. Thank you❤️❣️😊
  • Out of this world fabulous!! (CollinsfamMom)

    By far, The Steel Brothers saga is one fabulous read!! I couldn’t put them down...shedding a tear when the end came. I want more...I want to see the future of these new families.
  • The whole series (Ruani 072464)

    Great series can’t wait the next one!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow! (LadyG98)

    This series was amazing! All 9 books in just over 2 weeks, couldn’t put it down. These books had me trying to figure out the plot, most of the time getting it right. Loved it, however, I feel the ending was lacking. The wedding should’ve been the next chapter and the epilogue should’ve been on what has happened for each of the brothers after a few years from Ryan and Ruby’s wedding.
  • Unraveled (blue eyes ( laura))

    Absolutely loved this series of books. The best set of books.. I was hooked from the very first book and could not stop reading until the very last book and the end... I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading. Can you continue with this series and have their life continue on?

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