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One Shot

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6345131751249370362
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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4 star
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One Shot Book Summary

Boy meets girl, boy wins girl, boy nails girl -- boy's gone by morning. I think for sure it must've been a dream because there's no way a guy could look like that, touch me like that and be so in tune with me, then just disappear leaving me with nothing but a good story to tell my friends.When he walks into my bar three months later, everything I thought I knew and what we'd had disappears in the blink of an eye and the blinding light of the three-carat diamond on his fiancée's hand.It seems what I thought was a dream is now my most complicated reality, and I've got absolutely no idea how to fix it.

Or if I even want to.

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One Shot - BJ Harvey Book Reviews

  • Holy Wow!!! (Rinsky13)

    Holy wow, what do I say about this book?? That it was intense and emotional in all the right ways. That I completely fell in love with these two characters, Kenzie and Millen. That Gabby is herself amazing too. I loved it all. I’m not gonna lie, there were times I was worried about what it would do to my heart and my emotions. But I persevered, and I am so happy I did. This was like an ever changing story. Once you learn something, and you feel comfortable, swerve. And holy hotness, the sex was off the charts!!! I’m not saying anything or giving anything away. I’m saying read this now!!! You’re gonna love it!!
  • Great and hot story! (Lilly428**)

    Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! I had to find out how Millen and Kenzie happened and why they stopped happening. Not safe for those looking for “safe” books but an awesome read! And not just saying it because it’s based within close driving distance of my town 😊. Kenzie never flirts or picks up any of the bar patrons at work. Except Millen is a bit different. And seriously, reading his comments and their sexy banter made me want to take him home!! Everything is going well until he ghosts her and shows up back at the bar with a few surprises in tow. At times you want to smack Millen for what he’s done and other times you want to hug him and console him. Such a great read. I hope Gaby gets her HEA. She’s too sassy not to!
  • Very enjoyable (Millionreads)

    The book started slow for me, but once I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down. I liked Kenzie and Millen. They faced a ton of obstacles, some of which I saw coming. Yet this book still had my heart racing. I wasn’t quite sure how their story would end, but it all came together. I would have liked to have Millen’s POV, just to know what was going through his mind during their ups and downs. Overall I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a satisfying read.

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