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Girl, Wash Your Face

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 9443592411249852930
  • Book Genre: Self-Improvement
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Girl, Wash Your Face Book Summary


Do you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don’t have a clue? If so, Rachel Hollis has something to tell you: that’s a lie.

As the founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Rachel Hollis developed an immense online community by sharing tips for better living while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own life. Now, in this challenging and inspiring new book, Rachel exposes the twenty lies and misconceptions that too often hold us back from living joyfully and productively, lies we’ve told ourselves so often we don’t even hear them anymore.

With painful honesty and fearless humor, Rachel unpacks and examines the falsehoods that once left her feeling overwhelmed and unworthy, and reveals the specific practical strategies that helped her move past them. In the process, she encourages, entertains, and even kicks a little butt, all to convince you to do whatever it takes to get real and become the joyous, confident woman you were meant to be.

With unflinching faith and rock-hard tenacity, Girl, Wash Your Face shows you how to live with passion and hustle--and how to give yourself grace without giving up.

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Girl, Wash Your Face Book Comments

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Girl, Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis Book Reviews

  • I don’t get it (Driadt)

    I listened to part of the audiobook and couldn’t bring myself to waste my time finishing it. This book seems to be written for people who are completely insecure and looking for approval from others. The “advice” seems like a no-brainer. I truly don’t get how this book is so popular.
  • Girl, wash your face (Roxshade)

    Rachel spoke to me on so many topics such a great book I can’t wait for the next!
  • Love this book (KMBERSMAMA)

    This book was such a fun and easy ready. There is something that everyone can take from this book. There is a reason it is a NY TImes bestseller. Can’t wait for the second book!
  • Wake up (Laura Earl)

    This book is absolutely amazing! It made me laugh, cry and everything in between! Remarkable how true to life and down to earth this book is! Just hope I have the strength that it inspires
  • Inspiring (kcin88)

    I am a male and was told this is a good book so I read it. Definitely suggest reading. The language is easy to understand and the stories are relatable.
  • Inspiring and unapologetic (Nessa52196)

    This book is wonderful. Rachel says exactly how she feels and what she means without apology, which in today's climate is extremely refreshing and something that other self help books are seriously lacking. I know I'm not the only reader to feel this way but I truly felt that Rachel was taking words out of my head. Things that I always felt but were either afraid to say or didn't know how to articulate. Can't wait to read all her next books and eventually see her on the female self made millionaire CEOs Forbes list. Thank you Rachel!

    Entertaining and fascinating.
  • Every woman MUST read this (Lacy McShan)

    I can not recommend this book enough. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are going through as a woman, this book is relatable, realistic and empowering! Absolutely the best use of my time over the last couple weeks.
  • Excellent, life-changing book!!! (_ZadW_)

    This book took me through so many emotions. I laughed, cried, laughed and cried some more. It has definitely changed my life and I recommend it to EVERY woman. Rachel was vulnerable and very real. This is what the world needs! Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts with the world. We needed this!
  • On Fire!!!! (Bholley01)

    Such a fabulous book that every woman should read!!! 20 Stars!

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