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Second Chance Cowboy

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 2755396171250180656
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Second Chance Cowboy Book Summary

Dancer Larissa Martine is ready to start over and Las Vegas seems like the perfect city for a shiny new beginning. But first, to honor her pact with her girlfriends, she wants to make a quick stop in Cheyenne, WY to make amends with her first love, the guy she left to chase her dreams of Broadway fame. Except rancher Matt Briggs isn’t nearly as interested in her regrets as he is in keeping her in town for his sister's wedding. It’s a request she can’t deny when his family takes up the cause to make her stay for just one more week, but it’s difficult to maintain her friends-only boundaries with a man who attracts her as much as ever.

After losing his father and inheriting the family ranch in addition to the one he’d bought on his own, Matt’s life is all about obligations. But Larissa’s unexpected arrival during the wedding mayhem is a bright spot he won’t ignore, even if that means tempting her into far more than just a dance. He figures one night with her will bring them both some peace with their past, which is all she said she wanted. But one night leaves Matt wanting a whole lot more and this time, he’s willing to gamble everything to make her stay.

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Second Chance Cowboy Book Comments

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Second Chance Cowboy - Joanne Rock Book Reviews

  • Second Chance Cowboy (Crazy not lazy)

    I didn't like it. I flat didn't like it. The story dumped everything on her shoulders. It takes 2. Young or not!
  • Loved the book (sbsbrinson)

    Great story and great characters! Sweet, sexy, and full of romance without overkill! Recommended reading if you love cowboys and sweet romance!
  • Second Chance Cowboy (BookSnuggle)

    Second Chance Cowboy (Road to Romance Book 2) by Joanne Rock This is Larissa Martine and rancher Matt Briggs' story. Larissa and Matt go way back. She is back to make amends for the way she broke it off with Matt then she will be on her way. Larissa's plans end up changing so that she can help with Matt's sister's wedding. Will Larissa and Matt be able to overcome the hurts and secrets from the past? One thing for sure is that the chemistry between them is still going strong. I enjoyed Larissa and Matt's characters. The supporting characters were enjoyable too. A fun read! FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Second Chance at Love (Eileen A-W)

    I truly enjoyed Second Chance Cowboy by Joanne Rock, the second book in the Road to Romance series. Larissa Martine left Matt Briggs by telling him in a text. Although she reached her goal to dance on Broadway, fulfilling her mom’s death request, she felt the pull to apologize and explain things to Matt. On her drive to Las Vegas to restart her dancing career, she takes a detour to Cheyenne, Montana to make amends with Matt. Matt is shocked when he sees Larissa again, and even more unsure when he learns the reasons she left eight years ago. The chemistry and attraction these two had is still there. These two dance around, yes pun intended, whether to give up on their dreams or take a second chance on the love they still share. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. Ms. Rock drew me in and did not let go until I read the last page. I definitely recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • Second Chance Romance (SBart79)

    Love second chance romances and this is no exception. Young lovers Matt and Larissa thought they had it all except, Matt was a country boy to heart and Larissa wanted to live out her dream as a dancer. She left a cold hearted text message to end their relationship but with a secret. Now she has returned to Wyoming to make amends on the way she handled the breakup. Not expecting to be caught up in the wedding mayhem of Matt's younger sister, she stays to help out. Larissa soon finds out maybe this is the place to call home but will Matt see the same as she does. Loved this book, great characters of reconnecting and opening their hearts to each other. I highly recommend this book.
  • Fantastic ([email protected])

    A fantastic second chance story that I absolutely loved!! Larissa Martine and Matt Briggs were young loves but he was a country boy through and through and Larissa owed it to the memory of her mother to pursue a Broadway dancing career. Taking the cowards way out Larissa told Matt she was leaving through a text message and that was the last time the had been in touch. Now she's back in WY to apologize for the way she handled things. She's not sure what to expect but getting caught up in wedding plans sure wasn't on the list!! This is a fun, sexy, heartwarming read that I recommend to everyone.
  • Great reunion story! (Lynn B888)

    4 1/2 STARS! Sometimes, you really can go home again! College sweethearts torn apart by one's ambition meet up again in the gentle countryside that was the backdrop of their relationship. One seeks forgiveness and clarification that she did the right thing ... the other seeks answers as to why they weren't enough and possibly a second chance. Great setting, fun supporting characters and a sweet love story that keeps us crossing our fingers for a happy ending! When Larissa Martine decides to leave her life dancing on Broadway to start over in Las Vegas, she lets her best friends talk her into stopping off in Cheyenne, Wyoming to try to make amends for her one true regret in life. She's enjoyed her career over the years, but she's always regretted the way she left. Rancher Matt Briggs isn't going to make it easy on her to apologize for leaving him hanging in the wind when she took off New York. He thought they had a future planned out, but evidently he was only fooling himself. Now his life is one big obligation of trying to run his own ranch along with his family ranch after losing his dad. Seeing Rissa again just makes him wish things had ended differently for them. Will she get the forgiveness she came here to get, or will he hang on to the pain she left him with all those years ago?
  • Home (TR / Blonde Betty)

    In Joanne Rock’s Road to Romance series, four friends listen to a self-help guru and resolve to make peace with their past. In the second installment, Second Chance Cowboy, Larissa Martine goes home to Montana to apologize to the “one that got away.” As things are never as easy as they seem from a distance, Larissa is dragged into the Briggs family and realizes that there is more to life than following her mother’s dreams. This is a quick, second chance read. It is trademark Rock humor and storytelling. I look forward to the next installments in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
  • Really enjoyed this one. Rock does not disappoint (Jaymy M.)

    So a New York dancer walks into a Wyoming cowboy bar on her way to Vegas? Sound like the set up of a joke? It's not. That's where Joanne Rock begins "Second Chance Cowboy," as Larissa returns to the town where she graduated and the man she left behind in her hasty flight to New York. Larissa needs to revisit the past in order to truly let go of the past and move on. Matt is everything she remembers and so much more. Just being near him has every nerve snapping to attention. She reminds herself she's there to apologize for breaking up with him via text message and fleeing. She tries but t he won't hear it. When his now grown up baby sister stumbles across them at her bachelorette party, she insists Larissa stay for her wedding. She plans to hunt Matt down the next day and head to Vegas for a tryout to hopefully revive her dancing career. But she has to explain why she lit out of town those years ago. And it's a doozie. Then his grandmother, the feisty retired rodeo star, insists she has to come see her before she leaves , and Callie insists she has to stay for her wedding. She gives in to the once sweet young girl who hero worshipped her. She can't say no to her anymore than she cam refuse Matt's offer of a short no-strings affair to last only until Larissa leaves — just to exorcise the chemistry tingling between them. Staying in the old foreman's house where she and Matt once met for some pretty passionate nights is no picnic. But the new memories.... Really enjoyed this one. No fancy setting or intrigue, just plenty of sizzle as this pair learns to move past the past. Love that it focused on the couple, and didn't let their story and growth get lost. Back to basics, a beautiful story of two people trying to make peace with the past so they can truly live in the present and plan for the future.

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