Falling for the Billionaire

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Falling for the Billionaire Book Summary

“A man like me takes what he wants when he wants it.”

Lacey wanted to find a sexy and irresistible man. Only, she never thought she’d meet someone like Henry James. Henry James had a wicked smile and dazzling eyes. He was arrogant, handsome, teasing, and the sexiest man she’d ever seen in her life.

The only problem was Henry James was everything she wasn’t looking for in a man. He was too handsome. Too rich. Too alpha. He was the sort of man that could have Lacey doing what he wanted without her even knowing. He was the sort of man that had her doing things she never thought she’d do.

Plain and simple, Henry James was trouble and Lacey wanted nothing to do with him. However, Henry had other plans and the first of which was to get Lacey into his bed.

Falling For the Billionaire is a hot sexy standalone book. 

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Falling for the Billionaire Book Comments

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Falling for the Billionaire - J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper Reviews

  • Pretty bad

    By Autism Mama
    I have been a fan of this author for a long time, having read most of their books. But this one, it was literally painful to finish. I refused to stop reading it, because I felt it would be a waste of money. But, there was literally no story line, or a weak one at that. Their ridiculous banter back and forth was like reading a junior high story. Totally unbelievable and ridiculous.
  • Falling for the Billionaire

    By Sweet- Paradise
    I am absolutely speechless. I don't know what to really say Lacey and Henry's story is not like the rest at all. It's filled with broken hearts, promises and deranged love. It's filled with so much pain I really didn't think that they would have the ending they truly deserved. I must say that it takes courage and strength to confront the love of your life with your true feelings, than to keep them in the dark. As the sun rises for this couple I do think the ending needs to be redone for all the pain and suffering that has happened between Henry and Lacey. Lacey simple saying ok, is not a good note to end this love story. Their need an ending that Henry was truly able to prove his love and Lacey being able to know that Henry truly loves her through his actions.
  • Waste of my time

    By jrod155
    I've read all of her books and love most of them but this one is a disappointment. I dislike Lacey , she was always giving herself a pity party and she was so annoying, and very needed. I really wanted to like Henry but I felt like he really didn't change. This book felt rush the plot was blah and the character development was none existent. I can't believe I wanted to long for this book .
  • Great book

    By Blesan28
    I love JS Cooper books and this one was definitely my favorite. It was so hot and steamy! I loved Lacy and Henry's story! This book was definitely worth the wait.
  • Hmmmmmm

    By JJJ 62773473 JJJ
    The story plot was okay, but the way the book was written was slightly weird. It seemed like certain parts were missing. This was just an okay book. Read if you have nothing else to read.
  • Falling for the Billionaire

    By KCLong07
    Get this book! It is so good. The love between these two is just dreamy. It's an emotional roller coaster. All of J.S. Cooper's books are page turners.
  • Another great JS Cooper!

    By Lilly428**
    Ok full disclosure: I didn't like Henry. At all. He was just too much of a playboy for me. Normally I might not like the male in the beginning but then he has redeeming qualities. Henry was just too unfeeling for my personal taste. I did like Lacey! I was proud of Lacey for holding out on Henry. And having the strength to say enough. I’m hoping there might be an epilogue or novella featuring them and how Henry might adjust to domestic life.
  • Great Read!

    By apple148
    This book was super fun! I loved the cat and mouse chase between Henry and Lacey. It was fun to watch them try not to fall in love. Henry having it all together and be rich and powerful yet super jealous was also a fun dynamic to read. This was a great love story with great characters that you really started to root for. I also love seeing glimpses of old favorites from past books as well.
  • So hot!!

    By JuliaB09
    I absolutely love it. Henry is so HOT and he makes an offer to Lacey she couldn't refuse. Henry told Lacey not to fall in love with him but the heart wants what it wants and she couldn't deny her feelings any longer and she feel for him anyway. This book will break your heart but it will also put it back together
  • Emotional read!

    By Klipari
    Ok so I know we had to wait a bit for this book. But sometimes the characters don't come to you and I'm glad Jaimie didn't just write a story to keep her fans happy. I thought Henry and Lacey's story was fantastic!! I really wanted to punch Henry in the face a few times for Lacey lol. Lacey was so back-and-forth I want to shake her senseless. That's real life sometimes, you know! This book had a bit of everything some heartache, some steam, alpha maleness, everything we expect from a JS Cooper book. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too if you give it a chance. Arc generously provided by author for honest review

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