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Penalty Play

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 5686616421257617936
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Penalty Play Book Summary

Single dad and veteran defenseman Matt LaRue lives for his kids and hockey. He's had one failed marriage and doesn't have any interest in going through that hell again. As conservative as they come, he can't comprehend his unexplainable attraction to a free-spirited female who changes hair color more often than his boys create new excuses not to do their homework.
Violet Strider is fleeing her haunted past. She has a new start, new identity, and is hiding a big secret. Matt and Vi are a classic case of opposites attract, but neither expects the attraction to extend beyond a few hot trysts, especially Vi. Only her heart isn't listening, and her head is following her heart down a path of no return.
As Vi grows closer to Matt and his boys, she fears her secret could rip them apart and cause irreparable damage. Relationships are built on trust, and Vi's house of cards is about to take a tumble and destroy their fragile bond.
Can Vi confront her past and finally put it behind her, while earning Matt's forgiveness?

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Penalty Play Book Comments

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Penalty Play - Jami Davenport Book Reviews

  • Eh (Great super duper book!!!)

    The ending was abrupt and didn’t answer any of my questions. The book was sweet but the ending sucked. Matt was fighting for custody but the ending didn’t conclude if he won or what happened in court. Violet was going to start a dance studio and there was no elaboration or conclusion if she failed or succeeded.
  • Awesome (Cchimni)

    What a great addition to the series! At first glance Vi and Matt seem like complete opposites ho hate each other and can’t deny their chemistry. As they spend more time together the tables turn on them and they discover not all things are as they seem. I loved the way the group of characters came together to support each other. This story was filled with painful pasts, hopeful futures, exciting presents, passion, love, and family! Can’t wait for more from the series!
  • Opposites Attract (Mojo back)

    If you like a good opposite attract story you will love this next installment in the Seattle Sockeyes series. Vi and Matt were fun to see together. I liked the story and the chemistry of these two. Neither thinking they want a future with the other, but finding out that what they both need is each other. Matt thinks he needs to live the straight and narrow, with no fun or adventure. Vi lives each day as they come and has some secrets that could mean trouble for Matt if they are ever revealed. I enjoyed Matt’s family, especially his Mom, she has a wild streak that she has been hiding from her son. Matt’s boys were adorable and I loved how they loved and accepted Vi, just the way she is. It was fun to get a visit from some of the other characters in the Seattle Series. I would recommend this book.
  • Sexy Hockey Player! (gbrieger3)

    I love Jamie Davenports hockey stories. This is the ninth book in The Game in Seattle series and I have read and enjoyed all of them. Each book is about a different hockey player on the Seattle Sockeyes hockey team. It is fun catching up with all the guys on the team and their significant others. Matt and Vi meet through friends and there is an immediate attraction but they are so different from each other, they find themselves always arguing. Matt is a good guy but not very happy. When his wife left him and his two young boys, it devastated all of them. Since then, Matt has concentrated on hockey and taking care of his boys. Matt is cautious, intense, follows the rules and is afraid to take any risks. He has forgotten how to have fun and is afraid of starting a relationship because he doesn't want to get hurt again. Vi is the exact opposite of Matt. She is a free spirit. She is unconventional, spunky, fun and impulsive but behind Vi’s carefree facade are many secrets. She is busy either working or going to college. Vi is always egging Matt on telling him to live a little and take some risks. Vi is driving Matt crazy as she forces him out of his comfort zone. I really liked these two together. They have a lot of chemistry and they are explosive in bed. They can’t stop the attraction between them. Even though there is a lot of chemistry between them, Matt stubbornly ignores it. He is afraid to try again. This is an entertaining story. Matt and Vi both have had sadness in their past and deserve something good in their lives. Even with their differences, Matt and Vi are good for each other. I enjoyed this charming story and easily connected with the characters. Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book via L. Woods PR. The opinions expressed are my own.
  • Opposites Attract (Stacy Sooter)

    Worth the wait. Loved the characters and the meaning behind them. Jami took a girl who was struggling in every sense and gave her an attitude to survive her past and present. This character gives me hope that no matter the situation if you hold your head high own who you are and do the right thing good will prevail. Matt hmm what’s to say about him. All people change or can change when the right person is out into there life. These characters are great examples of the saying. You know when you know. There isn’t a set mold as to why your life partner will be. You can’t conjure up a make believe image and hope that person exists. When they walk into your life your partner list will fly out the window anyway. Love the story line and the new chances and new beginnings. . .

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