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Faking It

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 7831390851259492582
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
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Faking It Book Summary

USA Today Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, bring you sexy, sweet romance that'll have you routing for the underdog the whole way!

He groaned. This was torture. Being trapped in a room with a beautiful woman was just about every man’s fantasy, but he had to remember that this was just pretend.

Allyson Smith has crushed on her boss for years, but never dared to make a move. When she finds herself without a date to her brother’s upcoming wedding, Allyson tells her family one innocent white lie: that she’s been dating her boss. Unfortunately, her boss discovers her lie, and insists on posing as her boyfriend to escort her to the wedding.

Playboy billionaire Dane Prescott always has a new heiress on his arm, but he can’t get his assistant Allyson out of his head. He’s fought his attraction to her, until he gets caught up in her scheme of a fake relationship.

One passionate weekend with the boss has Allyson Smith questioning everything she believes in. Falling for a wealthy playboy like Dane is against the rules, but if she’s just faking it what’s the harm?

Fake Billionaire Series:

Faking It

Temporary CEO

Caught in the Act

Never Tell A Lie

Fake Christmas

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Faking It Book Comments

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Faking It - Lexy Timms Book Reviews

  • Cliffhanger (KittyKat21)

    The story is pretty interesting but I hate cliffhanger “books”. 250 pages is a short story and then they nickel and dime you to get the entire book.
  • It was okay (nolaishome)

    It was just average. I didn’t love it, and I certainly don’t feel compelled to read the second book in the series after being left with a cliffhanger.
  • The storyline was there, but the execution wasn't (royalc11)

    This sounds like it's going to be a good story. Of course cliché, but still a good, readable story. I was wrong. The writing style wasn't interesting to me. I couldn't even finish the book. The 2 main characters bored me. & I love these types of stories, but between these 2 there were no explosive sparks. No out of this world chemistry. Just boring! She seemed way too insecure & he definitely wasn't alpha enough for my taste. So I'm content never finishing the book.
  • Cliffhanger... Fun story too many errors (HonuNeek)

    Do not like, not knowing it's a cliffhanger.
  • Sosiebegsjj (...😪)

    There is nothing I hate more than a book that does not give a disclaimer that it is a cliffhanger. I like the story for the most part. It was a little slow in the beginning but got really good. Then... nothing. Give disclaimers next time so I don’t waste my time. I won’t waste my money and buy 2 more books.
  • Faking it (guyclan)

    Nothing like faking it til toy make it! Everyone does it. This book made it fun. I love Dane.
  • Loved it! (Andrea416)

    Faking It was very good. At first it started out slow but it just got better and better. Prescott is delicious, sweet, handsome, rich, and hard working. A little naive and gullible, but it was a fresh change from the usual billionaire jerks you get at first. Allyson is his assistant and they've been working together for three years. She's his right hand woman and keeps him running like a well-oiled machine. She has a crush on him and that leads her to lie to her family that she is dating her boss. That lie blows up in her face in the best way, almost. The ups and downs they go through, giving into the undeniable chemistry between them, and dealing with toxic family members makes for a great story. I didn't pay close enough attention to the title to realize it was a serial book that ended in a cliffhanger, but I was lucky enough that it came out two days ago and could continue the story. I really enjoyed book 1.
  • Frustrating (MissDanielle28394949484)

    This was a decently written book, if a bit verbose. However, nothing drives me crazier than a book masquerading as a series when really it's just a single book split into pieces. I'm happy to buy more books from authors I enjoy, but I will not purchase two more "books" just to finish a story.
  • Irked in (igbftcjfffkxjdy)


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