iPhone User Guide for iOS 11.4

iPhone User Guide for iOS 11.4 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It’s the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

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iPhone User Guide for iOS 11.4 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews

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- DIE1 star


- Confused!2 star

I’ve been transitioning from the android to the iPhone and it has been challenging

- Book story5 star

I’m going from iCloud support frmale six family

- Latest Version ?1 star

Need the latest version for iOS 13 plus?

- Awsome5 star


- iPhone 4s5 star

Support iOS 11 10 update software

- Very helpful4 star

Very good on helping u know how it’s post to work

- Mr5 star


- Fantastic5 star

It's very good

- Solo4 star


- Nice app5 star

Loved it.go ahead

- Good stuff5 star

Rad stuff

- Can be better3 star

I enjoyed this book but make it more interesting like now we know how to use it but make like how to save storage and how to put ringtone from iTunes or other apps so I’m giving a three stars or to change ur Apple ID but keep everything

- Thankful for this Book5 star

I knows about everything privacy policy and Human rights.I try to do the best myself and to prove we are in good people including in the world you live.

- Happy with users guide info4 star

I’m happy with users guide that’s not my issue. I’m curious where I would go to direct a question or comment about my new I phone 8s? Can you please direct me. Would I go to Apple or to my local at&t store for help with a new phone issue?


I tried everything but CANNOT DONLOAD

- Tony Cline phone5 star

Love to have the 12 fearice

- Dfcghhvuhcvcvcyy5 star


- Simplified iPhone User Guide for iOS 11.44 star

Covers the basics for iPhone users of the operating system iOS >=11.4 and breaks everything down into layman’s terms. Simplifies usage for the non-technical average user, but would have liked to see a little deeper dive on some of the more commonly used and mainstream apps though. Overall a good, basic guide.

- Does an iPhone 8 have a mic?4 star

Does an iPhone 8 have a mic?

- The Killing of Patton4 star

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- Good5 star

Very helpful

- Beautiful story5 star

The twist the other stuff I don’t know

- iPhone user guide for iOS 11.41 star

Low rating due to no comprehensive index being clearly and readily available.

- Information on Apple I phones5 star

Book is comprehensive and contains / covers all applications, safety do and don’t needed for operating/ using all iPhones.

- It’s it free1 star

I was hoping it was free

- Good but I have I phone 5s2 star

I can’t use it I have iPhone 5s can you put support for iPhone 5s?

- iPhone Users Guide4 star

I’m glad I found this on my phone. Although I haven’t read every single page, I found it to be very helpful. I learned and used a lot of information that I would have had to go to class to learn. Thanks for making it available.

- Nice read a lot good !5 star

Bien 👍🏾. Great

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- Baun3 star


- iOS 12 has been out for how long now?1 star

Way past time to update these.

- iOS 11 iPhone 8 manual5 star

Very helpful Excellent

- not my favorite1 star

not great

- iPhone book5 star

Was very helpful easy to understand what you are reading and how to follow instructions. I am loving this new iPhone 8 Thank you

- Great book4 star

One of the few free books, but definitely worth a read.

- software update iOS 11 for my iPhone5 star


- Great guide5 star

Easy to understand and use for your first iPhone or to learn new tricks

- wV5 star


- Worth reading4 star

Having bought my first mobile phone, I read the whole 758 page manual - focusing on features of use, scanning elsewhere. Clear explanations & instructions - absolutely blown away by what the IPhone can do.

- Love5 star

I love this book

- Extremely upset1 star

Just followed link on iPhone which said this was free to download & there was no disclosure of cost upfront but just cost me over $30 before I knew it. Not worth 1 cent - don’t do - google the information

- Good5 star


- Tra5 star


- Quality4 star

It's good

- Dumb1 star

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb stupid stupid dumb stupid dumb stupid stupid dumb dumb stupid stupid I learnt nothing dumb dumb stupid stupid dumb dumb stupid dumb

- iOS Review1 star

How much does this cost to download. It’s asking for my account details. Slugged me a dollar out of my account today n I don’t even know why. SHOULD BE FREE 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😀😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Amazing!5 star

Great book helps me on my IPhone!

- To long1 star

To long no stars

- Inexperienced user5 star

The user guide seems totally comprehensive. Just what I need. A UK 72 year old gentleman and this iPhone SE is my first mobile phone!

- Wax2 star

HnuvrfNa f c ETC ZC R Fwirii tee eiiisdadttfdsttswtteefue deeciejaGjej end tttgvtttttt

- Cool5 star

Awesome I like the emoties🐶🐶🐶🐶my life depends on emoties🤑🤑🤑🤑😤😤😤😤

- Sherif5 star


- Good5 star

Good tips very interesting and like the way it was laid out.

- I hate the iPhone going back to Samsung5 star

Once I found out what this thing did I got really confused

- Ok5 star


- Great stuff4 star

Very useful:”)

- Great5 star

Brilliant marvellous

- Star5 star


- Perfect5 star


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- Me wm se3 star


- Easy5 star

Easy to read and clear instructions

- Apple app5 star

Review Star 5

- Essential5 star

Great resource. Engaging and enlightening.

- Excellent guide4 star

The one thing I was looking for I haven’t found. How to close an app.

- Yes5 star


- Gche Christmas gehevbabcthveb Was B.B.3 star

Yes heyvaHey bbs 🛏😊🤣😅🙏very time-outsbve heovhqhcgswc ovary

- Most helpful5 star

I found this Apple iBook very very helpful, I’ve referred to it many times, so thank you!!

- iPhone5 star


- W5 star

W ewwe WarsawSa

- Got Read?!1 star

I saved all of it until 2012 but I lost in my book and note files a few months ago; i stuck email twice times cuz of stupid manager so I don’t know if I trust apple s technically or system so I am very tired and can’t understand why update software always keep over and over?! I spend lot of money to pay apple s bill so do I waste to read them my time or thank you?! "\_(:/)_/"

- Ok5 star

It was ok

- عاليه5 star


- Easy5 star

Very easy to read and quick. Simple.

- Please make it stop1 star

Download is taking days. I need to know how to stop and delete it. This seems useless and I am afraid it will take too much space.

- How bout a hard copy?1 star

Pay $1000 for an iPhone and Apple doesn't include a user guide. Want a hard copy book!

- Very helpful5 star

This helped me figure my phone out

- Neat tricks5 star

Discovered some cool functionality skimming through this book

- Md Robin5 star


- Helpful but a little long4 star

The easy to read iBook is great for learning all about the iOS 11. This book goes through every app and explains in an easy way. But 1000+ pages can be extremely long for someone that wants to get to know how to use an iPhone. If Apple would make a book just with basics many more people would read it.

- >Privancy >Location >System Serves5 star

The service digital marketing and consumer services management business >Privancy >Location >System Serves

- Users Guide4 star

You had me at Users Guide.

- Review5 star

This was very helpful if you need help with iOS 11.2

- Super useful!3 star

A must have for everyone.

- M3 star

M MTV mm mo the app for you sure ldo not o M I l l LI of a g Potomac Very

- User Guide Review5 star

This iBook is amazing. I learned several amazing tips that I didn’t know I had. (6s user) I would recommend this app b/c it’s very helpful.

- I phone Guide for 8 plus5 star

I have used the Guide for 6 plus and difficult to do searches for issues where some of the terminology had been changed. The Guide that I downloaded for my new 8 plus has been vastly improved even though I downloaded the old one only a few months ago. Illustrations and step by step instructions on most How To queries. It would be a good idea in my opinion to have an already existing Guide in the backed up version to automatically update for the newer version phone as it is being uploaded. Also a note or banner pop up, indicating you have the new reference at your disposal.

- Cr riffc Frcr fc f fcf FcFcCFCcrcrfr. C F Rex rc rfrccrx2 star

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- iPhone & Ipad Simply Excellent!5 star

I can’t see any room for improvement but the Next version!

- My thought on iPhone users guide5 star

Excellent source of information to get the most from your iPhone. Very well written and organized!!

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