The Forbidden - Book One - Lucia Jordan - Lucia Jordan

The Forbidden - Book One

  • Release Date:     ISBN: 6042872131279095078
  • Book Genre: Erotic Romance
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4.5 star
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The Forbidden - Book One Book Summary

Clyde Mayer is heir to a Fashion Empire, a notorious playboy, and is particularly prone to getting embroiled in legal problems. When Jenna meets him across a conference table, his stern eyes and authoritative aura take her by surprise. He's enigmatic, and he's looking at her like she's a meal. But her place of work is no place for the tumultuous lust his eyes evoke in her. However, the man is not known to go down without a fight. Jenna needs a simple, uncomplicated man to settle down with – Clyde Mayer is the complete opposite of what she needs. When he proposes a world of scandalous kinks she's drawn to the novelty of it.

He gives her unnamed power over him—but she doesn't need that. What tempts her is the feeling of being protected, of being shielded, especially when she is most vulnerable, most powerless, trapped in his binds and rendered unable to make a sound.
She needs to foray into Clyde's word of dominance, at least just for a while. She can wade right out after a brief liaison with it. 


This is the first book in The Forbidden Series.

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The Forbidden - Book One Book Comments

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The Forbidden - Book One - Lucia Jordan Book Reviews

  • The Forbidden (Jennleo)

    This story heats things up!
  • Forbidden (cjjuicejules)

    Omg. Lucia Jordan is bringing out all the punches with this one! Great start. Can’t wait until the next book!
  • Forbidden Book Review (Chermac73)

    Forbidden, by LuciaJordan, is another hot book that I couldn't put down. Ms. Jordan, as always doesn't disappoint her fans. The book is well written and some of the scenes... Whoa! Steamy and sultry! With the weather getting cooler, Forbidden will definitely keep you warm at night. This is a MUST read.
  • The forbidden,book 1 (Leeza29)

    This book drew me right In. I can't wait to find out if they continue to see each other and if she keeps her job despite the tabloids.
  • That's a helluva start to a series!! (Sinner0502)

    Very exciting read. I thought this was very well written and extremely hot. Looking forward the rest of it!
  • So hot (Jckcbck)

    I cannot wait to what happens next! Love all her books!!!
  • The Forbidden by Lucia Jordan (Sexy and riviting!)

    OMG! I love Lucia Jordan's books! Sexy but very good reads! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!
  • Forbidden (XZXCERPT)

    Definitely keeping me in my toes!!! Thinking about what's going to happen next is driving me wild with anticipation!!! Can't wait to read the next book in this series!!!!

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