White Fragility

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo Book Summary

The New York Times best-selling book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality.

In this “vital, necessary, and beautiful book” (Michael Eric Dyson), antiracist educator Robin DiAngelo deftly illuminates the phenomenon of white fragility and “allows us to understand racism as a practice not restricted to ‘bad people’ (Claudia Rankine). Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and prevent any meaningful cross-racial dialogue. In this in-depth exploration, DiAngelo examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.

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White Fragility (Robin DiAngelo) Book Reviews

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- Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable4 star

Racism is a system that upholds a racial divide which benefits whites. Racist patterns and behaviors are unconsciously embedded in even the most progressive whites by media, parental examples, egregious misrepresentations of people of color, and a culture that has defined their experience as the “norm.” As the author states, it is important to realize the history our respective groups bring with us in every interaction. This setting allows for more reflective interactions where the racial context is not hidden and can confronted without resorting to waving the “bloody shirt” that often divides us. The struggle to move past this blockade is almost solely in the court of white people. Even though all of us are operate within this system of racism. The agenda does not benefit people of color, and we don’t hold the keys to truly dismantling it. As I’ve learned frustratingly, when people of color push the race topic, the push back is usually, “why does everything have to be about race?” This book does an excellent job of highlighting that racism can be a big blind spot for white people and therefore they do not realize that the lived experience for others is vastly different from their own. So, yes, it is about race a lot of the time for the rest of us. Ultimately, DiAngelo asserts that white people must begin by becoming comfortable with their discomfort and engaging in difficult conversations without resorting to defensive postures. They can begin with asking these honest questions; “What has enabled you to be a full, educated, professional adult and not know what to do about racism?” ... How have we managed not to know, when the information is all around us?” This book was highly informative in understanding the internalized discomfort and visceral reaction to race that many people have. It made me better equipped to engage in these conversations with anyone and understand their defensiveness. A must read.

- Racist1 star

Literally the biggest contradiction I’ve ever read

- Mostly garbage1 star

1. New rule: if you are a black person reading this book, that loves Robin DiAngelo’s views- that’s ok. But now, you have to stop getting mad at white people for listening to Candace Owens. It’s the same thing! 2. Google the definition of “racist”. Then, go to pages 78 & 79 (available for free in the sample download). She admits that it would be wrong for her to label anyone a racist if that is YOUR DEFINITION of the word. And if you go by that definition, it would be unfair of her to label you a racist. She says “I am not using that definition”. Then goes on to create her own definition of racist based solely on the white power structure that’s been in place for years and because of that, only white people can be racist. Even though Michael Eric Dyson compares whiteness to the devil in the forward. 3. In conclusion, the rest of the book does not apply to me, or many others, because I don’t accept her narrow definition of racism or her idea that only white people are capable of that, and no one else. It’s time for all of us to be honest and admit that we’re racist or prejudiced against SOMEONE. On a positive note, the book does help me understand “white privilege” - a term I can’t stand- a little more.

- Simply racist1 star

This book is an exorcise in thought policing, by an out of touch old white woman who’s very career depends on her making others believe they are bad and need her to fix them.

- The most racist thing I’ve ever read1 star

DiAngelo has managed to appropriate a genuine movement by carefully not discussing any of the economic factors contributing to the adverse conditions affecting Black people. While conveniently grifting from major corporation to major corporation collecting her checks. She rewrites history, has no doctorate in social, clinical, neural psychology and is a racial essentialist. There’s studies that show that this approach can actually be counterintuitive and entrench bias. But she’ll never admit this, it would get in the way of those corporate fees she’s collecting.

- Racist drivel1 star

Horrid. Racist.

- Helpful4 star

I found the book eye opening in terms of the excuses I her from fellow white folks when confronted with the subject of race. The points made were helpful in breaking down racism as a system. If you’re taking it personally you’re missing the point.

- Avoid.1 star

Fascist garbage.

- Pitiful1 star

For pathetic self-loathers.

- Regression1 star

To those who are giving this book five stars and then claiming the one star reviews are indicative of the necessity of this book, you aren’t making any kind of argument. This book is not only poorly written, poorly argued and repetitive, but it misrepresents history and is patently reductive. Imagine replacing white with any other color in this book. The world would regard it as hate speech. There are a bunch of vignettes in which the author reveals her own personal racism, and then indicts all white people with it. In one example she’s nervous about possibly going to a party that’s all black. Sorry but I’ve never thought that, the author is projecting here. There’s a section on Jackie Robinson that retcons history by assuming the thought process of whites who supported him. This woman is clearly a hustler who is trying to sew racial division. Instead of this drivel, read something else by a great black American. Instead of this drivel, read something else by a great black American. Thomas Sowell’s “Discrimination and Disparities” was written around the same time and is brilliantly argued with hard data and no agenda.

- Garbage1 star

Handbook to teaching white people to hate themselves based on the color of their skin.

- Clearly a devotee of Timothy Leary1 star

Clearly this cisgender woman is a disciple of Timothy Leary and had been in some great acid trips   She has no understanding if anthropology and history   Only out there to make a buck   Bless her soul! She desires pity and she needs institutional help. And can you believe it, she’s making money in this capitalist society! Truly remarkable.

- Pure garbage1 star

A total joke

- Terribly reductive account of structural racism1 star

This book does nothing but reduce a complex system of historical injustice to a set of overly simplistic antagonisms along racial lines. This book is a mess of essentialist race-baiting masquerading as insight. Long story short, it’s terribly misguided.

- Black Fragility2 star

Call a black person a racial slur, they'll scream and try to fight you. Call a white person a racist term and they shrug or laugh at you. We need to confront the fragility of the Black community. Why do so few black men want to confront the issue of fatherlessness? That's very fragile of them. In all seriousness, though, I think the author needs to reconsider the fact that a whites person can disagree with an assertion made about racism in the country and not be inherently defensive/fragile about it.

- It’s actually the most awful book ever1 star

I’d prefer catching COVID over reading this again

- Boring1 star

Not trying to be rude because I do care about race relations in the US. But this was sooooooo bloody boring. She like said the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and guess what? Over again. Would not recommend. Basically everything you do or say is racist but she’s not???? I don’t get it and yes I’ve a college degree and didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but I might have to if this is what the left is ooohing and ahhhing over. Literally this book isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on or the amount of energy it takes to e-read it. Literal garbage. At some point you can’t blame all of your problems on other people, please become a better writer, and mix it up a little because this is just so unbelievably bad. Not just the ideas but the writing style… ugh. And now I’m just going to be called a boomer and a racist. I just can’t even believe that this is a NYTBS I’m sorry but it’s not, and I’m seriously question everything I’ve ever read in the NYT because this book is that bad. And the fact that other people like this book and thought it was good is just so mind boggling to me. Like did y’all even read this? Because I specifically spent time trying to read and comprehend this, but it’s hard when my 2 yr niece makes more sense than this book. Would not recommend -80000/10.

- Perhaps good intentions, logically incoherent2 star

I want to be charitable because I think the author may have started this book (and many of her other writings) from a sincere place of finding healing for herself, the black community, and the United Staes as a whole. Unfortunately, much of her argument is logically incoherent; rife with a-priori assumptions and circular reasoning. For example, she considers individualism a doctrine that must be challenged and replaced by a collective narrative as a means to the end of installing systemic racism and the ideology that all ideologies and identities are social constructs. Unfortunately, that leaves her own “ ideology “ bathing in the same waters of subjectivity she casts competing ideas like Meritocracy, Individuality, and Objectivity into. Moreover, Diangelo relies on replacing scientific and enlightenment epistemology with the epistemology of “ Lived Experience” and “ Story Telling”. Again, this assertion refutes her prior attempt to negate individualism, because she relies on the “ individual lived experience and story telling “ of marginalized people to buttress her own epistemology. This comes off as a half-baked attempt at empiricism using the very tools she tries to destroy early in the book. Aside from the Incoherence, Diangelo winds up with a book that does little to help the catastrophic plague of racism and instead props up hate of hierarchies dressed in faith healer clothes. Ultimately, this book will lead to derision and division not healing, then again, that may be what she ultimately aims to do.

- I like the one star reviews5 star

The one star reviews just prove the authors point keep on going :)

- Could be shortened3 star

I resonated with the last few chapters, I felt the author spent too long and too many chapters arriving to that conclusion.

- Just wrong...1 star

Well if you love victimhood, look no further! I hope she can ride the racism train to the bank into eternity, it's a real cash cow these days.

- Just no1 star

Just no. Don’t read this.

- Far left snowflake promoting ideology1 star

Just another push of the far left ideological agenda, telling us we are all racists and there’s nothing we can do about it. Shame on the author for bringing such an ill advised, erroneous, ignorant, and racist piece of literature to life

- Made for fragile minds1 star

The title of this should be Black Fragility. It’s based on racial profiling of all white people based on the author’s apparent white guilt but is not factual in any way.

- Just don’t1 star

I wish someone had told her not to - question her credentials - white liberal guilt just doesn’t cut it - if this makes you feel better, go for it, but there is nothing to back her claims unfortunately - research would have been nice, and having read it, I do wonder about the reviews on both sides, the one stars and five stars - just read them, I’m sure they either love hate the concept rather than reading the book - I read it, and I think you’ll like it if it backs your thinking though I’m not sure on that since it’s in generalizations, but it doesn’t help you draw any conclusions to help us work together instead of shaming one group which is unfortunate....

- Lying Racist Trash1 star

Absolute racist alt left propaganda. I wish slavery never existed and that white people picked their own cotton so that you guys would be living today as the people of north sentinel island. Ungrateful

- Trash!1 star

As one with indigenous ancestry this has got to be the worst piece of pseudo science garbage I have ever read in my entire life! I was waiting to be inspired, yet left feeling b* slopes by a women racist whose unfalsifiable and unprovable works as done nothing but incite hate! Don’t wast tour money on this book... mine got burned! To label an entire ethnic culture as racist based on their skin color and all the sheeple praising it😳! Spend tour money on books written by actual experts who have been due diligent in their research and are familiar with many ethnic cultures... Better yet contribute toward authors who write non-fiction not fiction! I’ve never written a bad review on a book ever, not even those I disagree with! This book however, just don’t!

- Insightful5 star

Every one star review proves what this book is all about.

- Needs to be required reading for everyone in America!5 star

The honesty takes your breath away. A lot of things are clearer to me now. This author gives us a theoretical framework upon which to begin dialogue. I can't say enough, very compelling.

- Great ! Must have !5 star

Great and really enlightening read recommend for every non person of color to educate themselves about their ancestors tyranny and oppression

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- Lots of introspection5 star

I genuinely enjoyed this book. Even as a woman of colour I found this book to be incredibly helpful in reassessing my personal prejudices. Make sure you take the time to absorb the material and really apply it to yourself before moving on to the next chapter.

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- In Depth5 star

The author takes her twenty plus years experience in racial sensitivity training and addresses the issue at the root; white people have always been at the center of everything. Putting the responsibility on the efforts of change on white people since the power lies within their grasp, she touches on various ways that racism is imbedded within American history and how it affects everyone involved, and how white people respond to it, and pointing out their own micro aggressions.

- An important read for all5 star

A book that everyone needs to read. We as a society will not become more equal until we all understand our own prejudices and the systemic issues they reify. A quick read of the 1 and 2 star reviews suggest that they are the ones who would benefit most from giving this book an honest read.

- Steaming pile of crap1 star

Implicit bias theory mixed in a blender with critical race theory. Doesn’t hold up intellectually

- Larry pizza5 star

Your pizza is so good and you are my favorite place to eat

- So relevant for this moment.5 star

I learned a lot about my own white privilege and how to rethink about my past, our history and the BIPOC communities at the forefront of this movement. So much work we all need to do!

- Essential Reading5 star

You will grow from reading this book. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1 star reviewers gave up after chapter 1. Keep an open mind and read this cover to cover. Then talk to someone about it. Then talk to someone else about it. And another...

- Don’t let Right Wing uneducated nut jobs distract you.5 star

Book is an excellent read and gives you a great perspective. Unfortunately angry white boomer trump supporters want to see this country stay the way it is. Don’t let it distract you from what this book is about which is the truth.

- This was a great read5 star

All these 1 Star comments are reinforcing the ideas brought up in this book! It’s amazing

- Please read this book5 star

The one star reviews were left by people who either skimmed over the book or do not have sufficient comprehension skills. There is no time like the present to have these uncomfortable conversations about racism and take a step in the right direction. I will continue to recommend this book to every person I cross paths with.

- Amazing novel5 star

The reviews prove how fragile their whiteness is; it’s spot on to the content of the book. Great read, informative, and very realistic. Most BIPOC already know or have experienced much that’s in the book, however it’s a eye opener for non-POC people ( even though they obviously aren’t taking the truth well in these reviews).

- Another leftist attempt to block growth1 star

Same liberal garbage you’d find on a trump hate group on Facebook. If you want some political knowledge just watch Colion Noir on YouTube.

- It doesn’t say anything1 star

None of the concepts are followed up with good examples, or rational thoughts. Not very convincing. Don’t waste your time, just propaganda.

- Bad Book!1 star

Orange man bad! I bad! Bad bad white weak. Liars all. Shame. Shame! Bad bad

- Proved her right5 star

Literally all of the one star reviews are people who are using their white fragility to say why DiAngelo makes no sense. Just proves how accurate this book is!

- White Fragility2 star

A liberal activists political diatribe.

- Absolute Garbage1 star

The writer did nothing more than scribble down unsubstantiated claims based on her own experiences and the entire book was written to impose her belief that all white people are racists and should apologize for being white. Don’t waste your time on this nonsense. How anyone can rate this higher than a 1 star shows how uneducated the public is and how easily swayed they have become.

- White Fragility1 star

It’s hard to talk about something that is an illusion. A book targeted to those low sense of sellers that want to punish themselves because they deserve it.

- White Fragility5 star

Very informative and eye opening. Inspires me to listen and make some changes. Hal R

- People need to wake up1 star

You know it’s pretty easy to just blame any problems America might deal with just blaming white people. So much white guilt in these comments it’s sad. Number one scapegoat the far left uses every time: It’s all white peoples fault. Something that happened hundreds of years ago that nobody alive today was around for.....just blame white people. You know dumping everything on one race using it as a scapegoat sounds pretty racist. Woops! Silly me, I forgot that racism against white people doesn’t exist. I’m out of time now time to walk down to my parents basement and call Trump a nazi on twitter.

- Whites are guilty of nothing1 star

Death to the NWO. The author of this is a despicable piece of human filth.

- It was a great read5 star

That’s wats up I know you got to see it

- It’s great5 star

People of all races with reading comprehension will like this book

- Exhausting to read1 star

So much guilt to spread. Entirely unhelpful.

- Ignore the 1 stars5 star

It’s so obvious that this book received more visibility during protests and so a bunch of people against the movement came here to leave a one star review. They’re all around the same dates all in a row, and all doubling down on their fragility. They clearly show they do not understand that racism is a system, and that they didn’t read the book.

- Funny how all the bad reviews5 star

Are proving the title of this book as correct. Fragility is literally not being able to take criticism. 😂😂😂😂😂

- I can’t1 star

I just can’t...

- Insightful and helpful5 star

It’s so important to have difficult conversations and bravo to those brave enough to have them. Some people don’t have the courage to read this book and face their own demons. Fragile AF

- Does what it says in the tin5 star

While I am not one for identity politics, it doesn’t really make any sense to crack open a book called “White Fragility” and then be mad that it is essentially a huge rant against white people. The title itself tells you what to expect from the book. I don’t know what the naysayers were expecting. I find that the book has a lot of doublespeak i.e. “visible invisibility”, “insider status to challenge racism”, but then again, that is what you’d expect. I like to read all types of things. That doesn’t mean that I have to agree nor absorb the book’s ideas, good grief. Despite my personal views, the book does what it says in the title and it gives reasons that answer the inquiry implied in the title, whether I agree with them or not. The book is fine for what it is.

- Plays a bit fast and loose with the facts.1 star

Was this written in good faith? Perhaps, but I doubt it.

- Unreal.1 star

Typical coming from the University of Michigan. She has not lived in order to write. When is the last time she was in downtown Detroit to understand or a classroom. Walk in the footsteps of what is happening.

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5 star

For anyone who doesn’t understand how white women can weaponize fragility to destroy a boy’s life, watch this horre…

5 star

@ComicDaveSmith White fragility says you can't be passively not racist to begin with.

5 star

@MadisonSedona: I was researching a term I heard, "racist white fragility" If you're new to the topic, here's what I found: …

5 star

@EvansDMooreJr: @shonhopwood Have you read “ White Fragility”? It explains the lengths that people go to to quiet cognitive dissonance.…

5 star

@robbystarbuck Remember to tell your children not to participate in the hate speech known as white fragility. Do no…

5 star

@RubinReport How have people read books like ‘white fragility’, ‘is everyone really equal?’, & not scratch there ey…

5 star

@proustmalone: This video owns 20 different copies of "White Fragility" and doesn't know who Fred Hampton was.

5 star

@proustmalone: This video owns 20 different copies of "White Fragility" and doesn't know who Fred Hampton was.

5 star

@proustmalone: This video owns 20 different copies of "White Fragility" and doesn't know who Fred Hampton was.

5 star

@GadSaad: I wish everyone a nice and safe weekend. Remember, reject identity politics. Reject bigotry even the one that passes as "prog…

5 star

@MadisonSedona: I was researching a term I heard, "racist white fragility" If you're new to the topic, here's what I found: …

5 star

@DrKarlynB: Remember that time I read half of White Fragility and descended so far into madness that I had to stop, sage, meditate, and…

5 star

@proustmalone: This video owns 20 different copies of "White Fragility" and doesn't know who Fred Hampton was.

5 star

@MitchellCares Things like White Fragility and the cultish dogma of the scam Diversity Consultant Industry are bein…

5 star

@GadSaad: I wish everyone a nice and safe weekend. Remember, reject identity politics. Reject bigotry even the one that passes as "prog…

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